Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee Refill: Who Stands to Gain the Most from AB 332 Passing?

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While I was having my morning’s second cup of coffee, I had an interesting chat with a trusted industry source and ally. This person brought up a very interesting point such as who stands to benefit from AB 322 passing? Why none other than Free Speech and Diane Duke, of course. Princess Di.

Think about it. Free Speech sucked money out of the industry for the longest time over 2257, but even the Feds have lost interest in their hunt to find underage girls working in the business. So Diane Duke had to create a new enemy, a new boogeyman. She had the .xxx domains to beat up on.

Remember all of Duke’s speeches about the industry being ghettoized if Stuart Lawley had his way. Lawley made Duke look like a fool, and Manwin went one step further when it hopped into bed with Stu and cut a deal with him.

That’s okay. Duke had Measure B warming up in the bullpen. Remember the tent revival Duke and Republican attack dog James Lee held at The Sportsmen’s Lodge? A ton of money exchanged hands that day, presumably to go into radio ads to counter Measure B. Did anyone ever hear one of those ads? I speculated where that money went.

Now there’s AB 332. Who stands to gain when money is solicited to challenge this in the courts. A thousand here, a thousand there adds up to a $150,000 a year salary. By the way, did you ever see Duke’s eyes in a room full of porn people who get worked into a frenzy over a legal issue? Those eyes are flashing dollar signs.


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