Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Rob Black Asks How Is Being Positive for Bubonic Plague Being Admirable

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I guess the tower has given Clover the all-clear signal for takeoff. But as far as Rob Black is concerned, he should be grounded the rest of his life and Mike South, who writes about him, should be put under the ground. Black says Clover’s a liar and South equally so.

“Mike South is a lying scumbag,” said Black on his Tuesday night late show,

“The Alex Gonz Hep C story is the bigger criminality of Mike South, Derek Hay, Shy Love and LATATA- that’s the bigger war crime. And Clover is trying to be swept under the rug. Except to say Clover is a lying scumbag.

“When you test positive for syphilis, coming out is not a badge of honor. It’s part of the protocol. All Clover did was what he was supposed to do. Clover is now the pawn in this game, and he’s a liar.

“I will never condone anyone using Clover, and Clover is now on the giant ‘no list.’ But Mike South says he’s got tons of girls that put him on the “yes list” because he’s honest and forthright.

“Who are the low life scabs that requested Clover on their list?” Black wanted to know. Black on the air asked Katie Summers to tweet out to get a yes list from the girls in the industry she knows.

“Because the great Mike South said he’s had countless girls. Come on. The kid [Clover] is a liar. We’re talking about a bunch of liars. Who the fuck is calling Mike South and putting Clover on their yes list? But Mike South is being flooded with calls and emails of girls putting him on their yes list which is interesting because Clover is a liar.

“I’m nauseous because of this, and Clover is a douchebag liar. The big lie contradicts Mike South’s bullshit story. Mike South says Clover got syphilis positive- he contradicted exactly what Clover said. What bullshit test are we using that comes out as a false positive- but then it comes out inconclusive when Mike South is explaining to you here’s what happened. Clover’s own statement is completely different than what that hillbilly scumbag piece of shit is telling you- because now he’s telling you that Clover got a positive.

“How is that Clover doesn’t know he was positive? Mike South knows Clover’s positive, but Clover doesn’t know he’s positive? [Clover’s statement to the press was that he tested inconclusive.]

“Does Mike South have Clover’s dick in his mouth? Clover’s a fucking liar. What girls are requesting him?

“If Mike South is a spokesman for LATATA how is he contradicting Clover? You guys don’t want to ask that question. Think about this. Clover states that he was inconclusive.

“And yet Mike South states that he was positive. Do you believe a guy who lives in Mississippi, or a guy in LA with a pee-pee? Do you believe Derek? Who do you believe? It’s amazing. The guy with the pee-pee said he’s inconclusive. But the hillbilly says, nah, he was positive, but he did the right thing. ‘I have a deadly disease that will kill you and I have it. How is being positive for bubonic plague being admirable?

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