Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Rob Black: Bill Margold said I would combust but I’m still here fighting for the people

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It seems so long ago, but when Rob Black started his Internet show, he challenged Bill Margold to an on-air debate. I believe Margold accepted, and maybe we’ll still see that if we all live long enough.

Margold also thought Black’s show wouldn’t be long for this world. As I remember, my father said in 1956 upon seeing Elvis Presley, that Elvis was a “flash in the pan.” Papas aren’t always right.

I don’t know if Margold will prove to be a seer, but for the time being, Rob Black is good. He delivers a taut message, often times in a profane carrying case, but that’s his style.

Where I think Rob runs off the tracks is that he lets certain people get to him. They prickle his hide and Rob gets off point to address the issue.

Like he did Wednesday. Apparently some party among the “keyboard warriors” who Black called “a big mouth douchebag” made a comment that Black was a hypocrite. Black felt compelled to address the issue. Rob likes to refer to himself as the de facto president of porn.

I know de facto heads of countries that would have their critics driven away in Oldsmobiles and shot, but Rob gave into the impulse.

“People like to throw the word hypocrisy at me,” he started off by saying.

“That you used to do this and that.” Rob’s point is, yeah, I committed a lot of past sins, I’ve seen the errors of my way, and I’ve changed my message accordingly. Of course Black had to add the fact that his message is now garnering more listeners than some real life radio broadcasts.

“This hypocrisy word I’m completely baffled,” he continued, “that if Rob Black did something ten years ago, that you can’t change a position, a view or anything whatsoever. I’m baffled on it.

One of his points was, look at the person you married 15 years ago. If given the chance to change the course of history, would you have married the same person with 15 more years of knowledge or experience. Most of us might say no.

“How many of you people change thoughts and views in the matter of who you hang out with?” he asked.

“Our business is all retards,” he went on to say.

“If they had any sense of brain power or logic they wouldn’t say things that are so outlandishly crazy. How anybody can sit there and say you yourself would do things one way; now you’re saying don’t do that and no one should listen to you. Can you believe that logic?”

Frankly, I can’t believe it either.

One interesting point was raised now that Black has become the champion of the medically disadvantaged. Someone asked what about the hepatitis issue and the fact that Black used to make peeing videos. I know a lot of companies that used to make peeing videos. Japanese porn is big on peeing videos. One of the guys Black hired regularly- Rod Fontana- used to talk all the time about drinking pee. Yuck.

Now here’s where we get truly significant because everyone’s harping on the condom issue right now. Black explained what happened with his company, Extreme Associates.

“We were also the non-condom company and had the bareback vigilante- Van Damage,” Black admitted.

“But we used to have workmens comp and treated our talent as employees, not independent contractors, and people had medical insurance; when I got busted that all went away because I couldn’t afford that any more.

“Back in the era when we had the big HIV issue and the industry went through what it did, Hirsch, Hampshire and Orenstein said we’re going to go condom. Companies dropped like flies.

“But we [Black’s company] were the ones who said let’s solve the problem and work on the issues and safeguards to prevent this happening. Nobody listened to us so we implemented these safeguards ourselves.

“We created a pool of contract guys and girls and made everyone get tested every two weeks. Performers were getting a thousand a week to do one scene for us. We instituted the same policy that I’m now talking about implementing with the entire business.

“We policed ourselves and made sure we took care of each other. We hired Luciano, Van Damage, Tom Byron, Jon Dough. Right there we had four contract guys. We had Lizzy Borden, Stryc 9, Tiffany Mynx, Alana Evans, Ashlyn Gere, Jasmine St. Clair, Jessica Darlin, Monique- she was the first high profile black girl.

“We had nine girls working with our contracts guys and we included Brandon Iron and Marc Wood, flunkies of Luciano, so they were under control. We had a unit, and that’s what our game plane was, you fucking assholes.

“And these people got shit-canned for not being responsible. I have kept a position. The business today is different from what it was 15 years ago.

“If you go condom-less, you need a quarantine based system with crossover guys like Ryan Driller, Danny Wylde, Derek Hay, Wolf Hudson, Seth Gamble.

“When you’re doing gay stuff, you’re straight up flaming gay,” Black opined.

“If not, you have the gay twitch in you. And back in our day we did not have as many girls working as we do now. Back then we had ELIZA then we went to a horrible test that cost more money and required blood to be drawn.

“Only in our business does someone get mad when you question health issues,” said Black.

“Look at the Manwin network- how about them? They’re paid by the terrorists. But to call in question my integrity and me being a hypocrite? You are so way off base.

“My life is an open book and everyone knows the dirty, horrible things I’ve done. Attack me on a position; attack me on the issues. I will tell you some of the dirtiest shit I’ve done. Unfathomable shit.

“When I talk about Peter Acworth and Princess Donna – you know what we did back then was so unbelievably fake. We did a scene that I thought was extreme because people didn’t do it. But take a look at what is done today- that extreme level is ten times to the top.

“Gia Paloma- we did a bit where we hung her upside down and used her as a punching bag. She was hung by her ankles and a guy named Coffee Ron was punching her with the force of James Bartholet flailing his little arms.

“It was fake. The next cut was her out of the gimmick and her sucking on his cock. I could show you a box cover.

“I attack because what Kink does is night and day – girls have their skin split open, they’re screaming code red, they’re cattle prodded.

“You motherfuckers are so fucking stupid. Your lot in life and existence is the fact that I have been inside your mind your entire life, and all you do is think about me. How does that feel that you people think about me and come up with ways to discredit me. How does that feel that I’m inside you?

“The minute you walked into Porn America, your life began and the minute you walked in I was living in your brain.”

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