Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Rob Black Compares Mike South’s Site to The Hindenburg Disaster

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If you’re too young to remember, The Hindenburg was this big pompous air balloon that the Nazis used as a propaganda tool.

Like all preposterous showcases, it crashed and burned. So Rob’s comparison of Mike South’s site to The Hindenburg was pretty spot on.

Adopting his best disaster site crying voice Black took to the airwaves Thursday night, and read Slim Pickens’ latest post titled “I’m Amused.”

“Mike South is crying- everybody go to his message board,” Black urged.

“He can’t defend the fuck up of himself LATATA and Diane Duke- he’s like a little girl. Mike South is acting like a faggot. Mike South is a faggot. Oh God. He’s such a little faggot.

“He’s like a guy wearing ass-less chaps and bright red lipstick with a boom box cranking out Liza Minnelli show tunes. Mike South, you’re insulting what a faggot is. That’s how much you’re a faggot. You fucked up the entire industry and now you say: ‘There’s an old adage about how to know when you are the best. It has nothing to do with who likes you and who hates you and all of that and it has everything to with when you simply can not be ignored.’

“You put yourself out there as the spokesman for LATATA and Derek Hay. You got called on your bullshit. The LA Weekly finally did something right. Dennis Romero finally did something right he called Mike South on his bullshit. You have a reporter asking questions- he’s seeing that Diane Duke is lying, and I hope he doesn’t stop investigating.

“If LA County is under a new law, why could Diane Duke not answer the question of how a performer got syphilis if everyone’s supposed to be wearing condoms.

“Diane Duke is a liar.”

As he did on his afternoon show, Black read the quote from Clover which makes his point and shows that Duke and Clover are offering the press different stories.

Clover states: “On August 3, I received an inconclusive test result for Syphilis. I immediately contacted my agent, Kevin O’Neil with Type 9 Models, who in turn contacted his fellow agents with LATATA. Together with Kevin, I produced a list of everyone I worked with since my previous clean test.”

[LATATA immediately began contacting the list of performers Clover provided.]

“Following the advice of LATATA, I went to a different testing facility on August 5 and took the same test again, as well as two additional types of tests, all for Syphilis.

[The results were returned to Clover from Talent Testing Services on August 6 and were once again inconclusive. Within thirty seconds, Clover phoned O’Neil with the news, and LATATA took action, advising the actor to wait one week before repeating the tests.]

Adds Clover: “I thought it was of the utmost importance to act as fast as possible by contacting my agent. This way all involved could begin acting accordingly. I respect the adult industry and believe it is important for everyone to work together to create the safest environment possible.”

“Diane Duke is saying just the opposite,” Black points out.

“Why is it then when Clover went to Cutting Edge on August 3rd that LATATA felt that the test that Duke said was the best was such a shit test, that Mike South, everybody, told this kid to go to Talent Testing which is the same clinic that faked the Mr. Marcus test.

“Clover goes to Talent Testing on the 5th because the great test Cutting Edge test was shit and wasn’t good enough. When Clover went to TTS, his tests were back saying inconclusive. He’s saying everything different than Diane Duke has been trying to bullshit the Los Angeles people all these years.

“Diane, this is not a witch hunt,” Black declared. [Duke actually said this to the press.]

“What are you talking about? Everything that’s going on is from you, Mike South, Derek Hay, LATATA- everybody involved- Diane, you’re a liar. Dennis Romero peppered you in the first round, and you go oh my God.

“Diane Duke, who is the spokesman for the Free Speech Coalition and institutes testing procedures is caught lying in another syphilis scare. She’s lying and covering stuff up. The industry was fooled once, not the second time where it will be shame on them.

“Let’s jump to Mike South the human cry baby,” said Black.

“Mike promotes lies and propaganda on his site with a CNBC logo- they’re bullshitted into thinking he tells the truth. He’s been outed and said he can’t be ignored.

“Now let’s go to the retards on Mike South’s site- are you guys sad? Is that what it is? I know you tapped out already. Cry baby Mike, c’mon- that’s how Republicans are. Mike you can’t even defend yourself.

“You set the agenda- what agenda? You and Derek Hay tried to get together and put a little muscle and you tried to hijack the testing procedure and it blew up in your face because you’re a dummy.

“What’s awesome is now Mike South, Derek Hay – they all have now a media storm. Now you have real reporters starting to get involved. You handed everybody a big fat gift. Derek is supposed to be the smart business man, and South is the rocket scientist- you got involved with something, and we exposed you for what you are, a phony.

“Just go away to Saltwater, Mississippi- you Tim Case, and Felicia. Go blow yourself. It’s over Mike South. You’re playing in my game, and it’s time for you to exit. Take all your marks and queers who hide behind fake names- Mike South is the leader of the crybaby website. ‘At least you tried?’ The little bitch can’t even defend himself.

“You keyboard warriors- you realize you sit on a keyboard, talk about the business and Mike South gets outed and punked like a bitch. You have reporters going, ‘this industry is completely full of shit.’

“Mike South if you guys remember, never, ever speaks up, only when I call him every name in the book and expose his bullshit. Mikey, nobody said you hacked the AdultFYI site. Nobody accused you, but we did make a reference that you and your keyboard warriors bragged how you brought down PornWikiLeaks- you and a bunch of queer keyboard warriors and a guy in Texas who wants to oil wrestle me- all of you guys jumped around about how you’re keyboard warriors and took the Porn Wiki Leaks site down.

“Mike, I don’t think you’re smart enough to hack a site. You’ve always been a retard and will always be a retard.

“Every day you have people like Huffington Post and people starting to look at a lot of bullshit going on. When you say lies and hurt our business, you’re going to fucking pay. You’re going to be exposed and are over.

“It’s somebody that will call you out on your bullshit, somebody that will make sure that my army will call you a piece of shit. I sit here and tell everybody the truth. What do you want to know [about me]? Blowjobs, coke parties, beating people up- Bounced checks- c’mon Mike and keyboard warriors- if that’s all you got.

“That’s why the Democrats don’t need the south anybody- they’re getting rid of all the garbage like you, systematically- you’re too ignorant to change opinions so they’re sitting around waiting for you to die. Garbage scum and filth like you have no right to talk about this business.

[Read the following in a crying voice for best effect.]

“’Oh please I need my keyboard warriors to hold me. Rico Marin, hold me- don’t you understand? I was trying to do something. I gave LATATA a free ad for awhile when XBiz and AVN didn’t want to inform the performers…I’m Mike South can you get me a tampon? Rico Marin will you please get my tampon and insert it into my vagina. Put the tampon in my vagina. God, help me!!’

“I’m not real sure what stratosphere Mike South is living in,” Black continued, “but he ignores everything that’s going on, the fact that there’s a huge controversy and he’s everything is cool and aren’t we glad we told ya.

“If there’s no chance of getting through to you and your retards- these losers I can’t fathom they actually believe your bullshit- I think these people are really you.

“You know Mike South moderates the board- I could have 20 Black army members hit that board. Mike South writes all these posts in his alter-personality. Nobody in their right mind would post yeah, right on, you and LATATA did a great job.

“Mike South is bypassing the fact he and LATA have been promoting Clover testing inconclusive and then he slipped up by saying Clover tested positive on his first test. For him to say he and Derek Hay protected everyone is incredible.

“Mike South, you pulled out your smoking gun when you said that. What agenda are you setting? We call you out because you’re a liar and harming the talent. You live in Mississippi and have no idea what’s going on. On your own site you fuck up and lie. Mike South promoted LATATA and this kid’s tests were inconclusive. Then you slipped and said the kid’s first test was positive and you’re crowing that you did a good job? If you haven’t seen through Mike South’s lies and deception you are seriously stupid and retarded

“Mike South is putting out false information about life and death situations and that’s criminal. I hope all this is getting through to the people who really matter- AHF, Michael Weinstein, Cal/OSHA, my mission is to get you out of here, you’re gone. You, Derek Hay, John Stagliano- your lease has expired. You’re being evicted and my eviction process ain’t so nice and happy. You guys are exiting.”

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