Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Rob Black: I Rest My Case; Diane Duke and Others Are Out to Destroy The Business

Rob Black used his Friday night show, to wrap up the events of this past week.

“This has probably been one of the busier weeks this business has seen in a awhile,” observed Black.

“What this showed to everybody out there, whether you’re a supporter or hater, is one thing you can’t deny. Rob Black is on the job as commander and chief of this business and that the terrorists were not successful.”

Black also gave kudos to yours truly and Monica Foster and Katie Summers and the “silent supporters” involved in making sure the terrorists didn’t win.

“You now know what this business is about,” Black went on to say.

“You thought I was crazy, but this week as it unfolded, you people were seeing the light and your eyes were opened to the fact that I’ve been telling you the truth about what’s happening, what they’re trying to do and how we stopped them.

“It’s about jobs, safety and healthcare- the three most important things to this business. When people like Mike South, Derek Hay and LATATA- it’s one thing to say the Free Speech Coalition is bad and everything they’re doing is bad for us.

“But Mike South and Derek Hay were just as bad as Free Speech. It was like trying to put lipstick on a pig.

“You were still going to have the same APHSS and Diane Duke with a press release [lying]. You have both clinics refuting Derek Hay and Mike South.

“You immediately had this finger pointing game. I dissected the information so none of you were misinformed and you understood what was being done to you- to the point the LA Weekly that’s been very friendly to the adult business- that reporter, Dennis Romeo, actually asked a couple of questions of Diane Duke and she refused to answer them.

“If that right there does not say something that all along Rob Black was right, I don’t know what else to pound in your head. You have LA Weekly saying ‘you know you’re starting to sound like complete bullshit.’

“We had a syphilis outbreak,” said Black.

“We all know it. We had four different voices of the industry who could not keep the same story correct. This is not Rob Black making up conspiracy theories. Clover’s own statement contradicts Free Speech and Mike South who’s supposed to be working with people feeding you Clover’s statement. The bullshit inside of the bullshit machine couldn’t get the bullshit straight!!!!!!.

“Mike South said the kid was positive and now let’s talk about Manwin fixing a Playboy contest says South. Are you guys insane!!??

“I sat here for one week while this was going on, and I made sure these sonsofbitches did not get away with it. If I was on the case, the Marcus thing would never have happened.

“Like Obama, I was handed a plate of poop, and in my first 100 days I was handed a syphilis outbreak watching the powers that be- all of them- you watched a mass cover up like you did with Marcus Syphilisgate.

“But I made sure everyone knew what was going on and these sonsofbitches did not get away with it.

“Clover wasn’t on the radar but he wasn’t a loser. He has a very good and popular make up artist as a quasi girlfriend. He’s no mope and has the potential to be something in the business. This industry once again tried to take a system already broke- we see that it’s been broke, and that John Stagliano or anyone on HIV medicine, will fool, trick and show up negative on any test administered by this business.

“This TREP test is supposed to be state of the art and this test was conducted on how many performers during the syphilis outbreak? Can anyone tell me that? I guess no one wants to ask that. During the Marcus outbreak when the TREP test was introduced as the be all, end all test, bang, you get a shot and you’re all good.

“Katie Summers, everybody took syphilis tests because Diane Duke said this is what we had to do, that this was an awesome test. Why did we never hear then that it was so awesome that it sometime throws out positives?

“We never heard that from Diane Duke and the doctors. And when did we hear any performer coming up with a false positive before they were negative during this time frame – when hundreds of talent went to both clinics to get tested and get medicine.

“Never did I hear this before happening. You would think during a huge national syphilis scare where you have hundreds of male and female talent rushing to get tests you would think one of them would get a false-positive then have to wait three or five days before testing negative

“You’re going to make all of us believe, now, after another syphilis outbreak- which is your fault Free Speech, your fault Mike South, your fault LATATA, your fault APHSS. You guys tried to hide the fact that somebody tried to hide a positive by telling the industry and the world that this one person got a false positive, waited four days, came back negative and this test is so sensitive that it often shows a positive before a negative?

“I rest my case, jury. Everybody in the adult business- the talent will sit on Twitter and Facebook and talk about what girl pissed them off at an awards show- it’s about time you understand that the people who are playing with your health are men, and they’re working hand in hand with Diane Duke to systematically destroy you.”

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