Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Rob Black Says Tuesday is the Day

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It’s sometimes what Rob Black doesn’t say that remains the most intriguing.

On the 4th of July he broadcast his show as usual, but in one segment, talking in military junta terms, Black went all Seven Days in May by stating that there would be a new agency locked into place that would solve all of porn’s ills.

You would think that’s the Free Speech Coalition, but no. For days Black has been talking about a watch dog group that will come in and run the pimps out of the industry and set up a new regime of health and safety standards.

On the pimp front, Black talked about Brandy Lyons smacked out in hotel rooms on heroin, and made it sound like Derek Hay was the one responsible for it.

“Jim South was old school and was used to dealing with rich company owners,” added Black.

“He wasn’t hip to the prostitution angle. If transactions happened, girls walked away with automobiles, houses and six-figure contracts. Tell me what girls get for sucking on Stuart Wall’s pee-pee. Ask Christy Canyon what she got for sucking on Mark Carriere.”

On the health front he went on to say this:

“There are hundreds and hundreds of talent that get sick everyday. Some of them don’t get treatments. They go to county hospitals, clinics, private doctors, but you have people in the business where health is the No. 1 priority but that is not anywhere near what we do. We do nothing.”

Sounds like he’s talking about the do-nothing Free Speech Coalition.

“This is the year that the adult business cleans up,” he went on to say.

“This is the year you see an industry change. This is the year that the industry realizes survival is the only option we have. I’ll do the things people are too scared to do and say the things people are are too scared to say.

Nothing that the business was under siege, Black added, “Starting Tuesday there will an organization in place that will be set to protect every single worker in this business.

“Tuesday this agency will be enacted and on alert. The minute there is a whiff of terrorism they will employ the drones to snuff out that terrorism. This united front comes marching into the porn world. That is the day that the business changes. That’s the day the day tyranny will officially be done.

“Tuesday the military will touch down in porn valley and we will liberate. Tuesday is the day that the United States of Porn’ military is deployed. Tuesday is the day that every atrocity and genocide that goes on in the adult business is over. It will be done.”

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