Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Rob Black Who Knows Bullshit Calls Bullshit on Jack Spade’s Sincerity

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Ashley Erickson is a common name if you happen to be running around a Viking village in a furry loin cloth.

But in porn the odds of two women having that name are less. So Rob Black went on air yesterday speculating some more about the Jack Spade email to me in which Spade flatly denies any involvement in the Samantha Saint porn scandal that caused Miramax executive Richard Nanula his job.

Spade made an odd remark in which he says he was confused with Ashley Erickson who runs

Notably Nikki Delano is featured on that site, and Black wondered if this Ashley Erickson was Teagan Presley.

In an email I received from Ashley Erickson who runs this site she states “Before you ask no im not Tegan Presley…just have the same name.”

Rob Black thinks otherwise and here’s where the fun comes in.

“Let’s pretend Teagan Presley runs,” said Black.

“I didn’t know that it was what it was, but you go there and it’s a hooker site with all the main girls.”

Black said it was an education for him because he didn’t know some of the girls on there were hookers.

“They’re all on here. You guys are nuts – you know that with your prices. Don’t get stupid. I thought it was a low end garbage hooker site. Awesome our business is really awesome.

“And Ashley Erickson is Teagan Presley is this true? The Adam & Eve contract girl, the girl that’s miss big shot that every girl in this business looks up to? Really? I’m reserving right to talk about it.

“Is this Ashley Erickson, Teagan Presley?”

And Black still isn’t convinced by Spade’s sincerity. He believes Spade is playing a pimp game by dumping all the suspicion on the whichever Ashley Erickson. Remember, Spade not only was involved in a domestic abuse altercation involving Jenny Hendrix, Spade was associated with a notorious company in Florida called Alternative Modeling which supplied performers like Hendrix and Daisy Duxxx to kill animals for sex videos.

“Isn’t this the same scavenger hooker and pimp with Jennie Hendrix,” said Black. “Really?”

“I’m not professing to know everything, but I’m aware of what’s going on this business today. Now Jack Spade becomes this do gooder guy that’s never done anything in the pimp game. He leads this quiet life where he caresses Bonnie Rotten, holds her and gets her ready for her scenes. He doesn’t do anything? Cool.

“Jack, I forgot, you write this letter, and we all talk about it and go, hey, Jack Spade has nothing to do with them.

“That Jack Spade really swerved us. All you’re doing is entangling more people into something you created. You think this is my first rodeo? You’re a child and have no idea what it’s like to be in a society. You aren’t even part of the old world, you’re part of no world.

“You’re just wandering the earth. Now you’ve got Jack Spade running a swerve like a wrestling promoter over to Ashley Erickson. If you’re concept was to be a good little rat, you’re now just adding people. That means Teagan Presley and her husband run a prostitution ring?”

Black said if the Ashley Erickson that runs the escort agency were in fact Teagan Presley the Adam & Eve contract girl you’ve opened up another can of worms.

“Is Adam & Eve going to let a prostitution ring run inside their organization?”

Black then went on another binge about how Frank Ignello at the company is on a power trip and that it’s his ass you’ve got to kiss to get in the Adam & Eve catalog.

“He’s the censorer,” said Black, “that same company who would let one of their employees [allegedly] run a prostitution ring that’s involved in a Miramax-Disney shakedown.

“Now I’m so intrigued my little tiny pee pee is getting hard. I’m so intrigued- my good friend David Lord [who directs for Adam & Eve]- you got to tell me the most handsome man in America with the hairstyling place- I didn’t know you were the same guy who worked at Evil Angel in the DVD department when you got fired by Karen Stagliano.

“Handsome man, I’m going to be calling you. Answer the phone. Don’t be a queer. Is this Ashley Erickson the same as Teagan Presley or is there another in the world. If they are one and the same, does Adam & Eve own this site? Then that means an employee of Adam & Eve is involved in an elaborate prostitution scandal, but they can’t take a DVD if Frank Ignello has a hard on for you.

“Two nobody losers decide at Adam & Eve what goes in the catalogs and in the hands of the consumers. These two douchebags decide what’s right and wrong without going through the proper channels of doctors and medical experts.

“If what I’m hearing is correct that Adam & Eve is Teagan Presley and they own a prostitution site that would lead to the conclusion that Adam & Eve promotes prostitution.

“Then we can we add that to the Hedonsim story involving Bonnie Rotten who’s the wife of Jack Spade who claims to be a poor helpless suitcase pimp who sits at home, washes her clothes then kisses her and says that tastes like dick.”

“Can we all get together on the same page and figure what bullshit story we can all come up with? Call Robert Hinckley Jr. [Samantha Saint’s husband] and ask which story to work from.”

Black, comparing himself to Frank Abagnale Jr., in the movie Catch Me If You Can, said, “When you’re concocting a story of bullshit, you have to be aware where the bullshit comes from. When the king bullshit detector sniffs out bullshit and says it’s bullshit – I invented it. I created it. I marketed it. I put bullshit in the can and sold it. I know bullshit.”

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