Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Rob Black’s Mission is To Get Rid of Diane Duke and Joanne at Free Speech

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Due to technical difficulties which brought down the whole Blog Talk Radio network Thursday night, Rob Black’s show didn’t air.

But a couple of days earlier Black addressed an issue that needs looking at. Because of his outspoken commentary, Black said he’s getting people telling him he doesn’t like the adult business any more and is trying to hurt it.

Black is a second generation pornographer and grew up in the industry. Remember? He told a story about how Feds raided his parent’s home when he was a little kid eating a sandwich and playing with his toy soldiers.

“This is a business I have only known my entire fucking life,” he said.

Paraphrasing a “hillbilly bumper sticker,” Black equated his love for porn to death before you can pry an assault weapon from his hands.

“It’s like that. That’s how I am with this business, you fucks. Diane Duke, you fuck, you cocksucker. I am President Obama and you are the terrorist. Remember when President Obama came into this system with hope and change?

“I come to you with the same fucking pledge of hope and change. To scoffers on that point, Black said Obama got rid of the terrorists.

“That’s what we do best- we kill terrorists. What is the game plan? Am I going to divulge a secret? Capistrano, Duke, the powers-that-be that sit on top of that board. You’re gone. There is the first mission.”

Black, of course is talking in the metaphorical sense about getting rid of terrorists.

“Here is what’s going to go down. My fucking mission in this fucking business is to put back the natural order of the way things should be. It’s not cryptic. It’s very simple. Listen to what I’m saying and listen to all the things I’m saying are wrong with the business. All those things need to be changed.

“My job is to change all of those things,” Black continued.

“I’m going to speak about them until somebody will listen. I’m going to come on this Blog Talk radio every day. The plan is for me not to stop talking about all of the fucking issues that I have fucking laid out. When those issues are fixed, that is where the work is done. It won’t stop there because you have to be vigilant to make sure that shit stays the way it is.

“Believe it or not guys, the business did not destroy itself in 20 years. Actually, it happened rapidly, very quick. And the great thing is what our business did is what the old timers used to say to us: When I got into the business people like Russ Hampshire and Steve Hirsch, and Steve Orenstein will tell you, all the old timers used to tell us when we got into the business, ‘We need a good bust to weed all this crap out because there’s too many companies taking too much of the pie. And a good bust shakes shit up.’

“We need that MyPorn stuff to come in and whack out a bunch of companies and everybody runs scared like cockroaches. We need a bust. We need guys to go out of business. Because it will shrink everything down and control everything better.

“Guess what? We basically did that without the government’s help. We destroyed ourselves to the point where we are manageable. We took our business and drove it into the ground until it’s actually manageable. We basically have a handful of companies, a gazillion of talent; a handful of crew people when it comes to lighting.

“You can’t include somebody who already works for you and make him the lighting guy or his friend who will work for 50 bucks as the assistant.

[Black has already taken Stuart Waldman and Duke to task for portraying false employment figures such as this to the press.]

“I’m going to get on this fucking radio and talk about all this shit that’s wrong with our business. And I’m going to keep talking about it until, somebody will.

“Eventually when there’s nothing left. When the business can not do anything else you light a match to it and bust it out. That’s where our business is at. We’re at the bust out stage.

“We have talent like Tommy Gunn and Marcus London who are struggling. We have talent like Evan Stone. We got guys who are the fabric of our business struggling. Girls resort to hooking. Oh, Let me call that one creep dude I met at Porn Star Karaoke a year ago. When did girls do Twitter ads, I’m on a hooker tour, here’s my hotel number…

“Back in my day the camera is what made the girl a porn star not a whore. It was her doing makeup. It was her doing pretty girls. It was a process. She was a porn star. She wasn’t a hooker, that trash you see on some fucking crack alley sucking dick for a cheeseburger and twenty dollars.

“Those girls you see in hotel rooms aren’t porn stars. They’re hookers.
When a girl is doing stuff they don’t want to do because they need money- back in our day a girl did anal, when she felt a burn, we stopped.

“Today it’s what’s your pain threshold? Or if you work for Nacho you know he’s going to take your head and jack it against the wall. Because that’s his gimmick. So if you work with him be prepared because that’s his style. I could show you some pretty rough stuff.

“Remember guys you could choke a girl and not choke her out. You think in wrestling we actually choke people? We protect each other. That’s what you do. When a girl goes I won’t do the job he’s going to tell my agent who is then going to be you dirty cunt grin and bear it. You owe me $500, grin and bear it.

“I don’t remember a lot of people like that. I’m going to sit here on this station and talk. Joanne Capistrano and Diane Duke, you are the bad people of this business. You are the people that are enslaving us. You’re the ones sitting there while the 99% of us starve. Shame on you.”

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