Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Rob Black- Smoke, Mirrors or Machiavelli?

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It was obvious to me that Rob Black had done some heavy reading while in prison. When we first began hanging out again and Black explained his blue print for the new porn business he envisioned, I asked him if he had read Machiavelli’s The Prince.

Laugh if you will, but Paul Fishbein had also read The Prince and began his quest for power in the adult business on those very same principles. In other words, all of you out there were manipulated to some degree or another when AVN began publishing.

On his Wednesday night show, Black explained how he’s been delivering a message for months, that the porn business didn’t like the message, though it’s been quite accurate.

So Black decided to change the messenger. Case in point. Lisa Ann. Lisa Ann tweeted up a storm this week about Alex Gonz and the fact that she discovered he was allegedly HEP C.

Black confessed that he was behind a plan to out Gonz and Derek Hay at the same time. But Black said had he been the one telling you about Gonz and Hay, the message would have been ignored.

“Let me explain how it happened,” said Black.

“I always had a deep crush on Lisa Ann. Back in the day I thought I’d have a top A-list player. I tried to sign her to a contract. She told me to go fuck myself. Lisa Ann is a hero in what she just did.

“She never violated health code provisions. Lisa Ann in her own words said ‘I was put into a situation’ – all Lisa Ann did was follow up on information she was told. End of story. She looked out for her own health and safety.

“Derek Hay was hiding information. Lisa Ann herself investigated when she was put into a situation where she was going to work with Alex Gonz. She did nothing wrong, and I gave her that information. She confronted the parties. All of this is happening because Lisa Ann exposed something that was desperately in need of being exposed by a different messenger.

“Lisa Ann got 50 texts thanking her for what she did.” Black admits had he been the one delivering the message he would have been ignored or reviled.

Black explained how he worked on little pieces of information that were already out there – about which guys in the business “spike” and which guys might have HEP. Gonz’s name kept surfacing in those discussions.

“Let me explain this to you all,” Black continued.

“I told every single one of you since I’ve been on the air, and every time I told you the bad stuff coming, you told me to go fuck myself. When I beat that drum, no one was backing me in the band, and you all call me a liar.

“And if what I said turned out to be the truth you’d all figure out how to bullshit the truth. You don’t like the messenger. If I tell you something, you say Rob Black bounces checks and beats people up. And you say no one will listen to me in city government because I swear? I told you guys from Day One about Mark Spiegler, Derek Hay and all the scams and you told me I was retarded.

“We revealed in the Richard Nanula stories – we exposed the fact that Spiegler girls let him go without a real test. You don’t believe me, but it’s true. I talk about the problems with the testing, and Aurora Snow comes out and says exactly what I’ve been saying in the op-ed piece of The Daily Beast.

“What you need to do is read Machiavelli to understand what my next move is,” said Black.

“Then we have Stoya who talks about the evil empire of Manwin and how Manwin are evil bastards and that we as an industry need to protect workers’ right. She’s echoing me. She’s commended and I’m on the hooker boulevard. I get it. It’s called the message. And now Stoya likes professional wrestling.

“How long have I told you Derek Hay is a pimp? He runs escorts and sends girls to Dubai. But you ignore it. Then the Starr sisters come out and back up that story. I say girls do privates with Victor, and I’m called a liar. Now you got a Brooklyn Lee who shits on me for no reason. I thought our beef was done. Then she shits on Derek Hay and then outs herself as being an escort then goes fuck off.

“Mike South says she’s courageous- because she called me a jerkoff? Or because she came out against Derek? Why are you heralding Brooklyn Lee as this awesome, strong woman? Once again it’s the messenger.

“I was saying that about Derek Hay when Brooklyn Lee was working for him. But I’m a liar and a cheat so don’t listen to me. And her husband Mike Moz is going to physically assault me and kill me.

“Brooklyn Lee can say it, and she’s heralded as a hero. I am a pariah. It’s the messenger. Lisa Ann was the perfect messenger.

“Do you realize that no one including AVN talks about what John Stagliano does? I exposed it and the debate comes out and half of the debate says that’s fucked up that he doesn’t disclose his HIV status that it’s fucked up and illegal.

“Half the industry is saying that, but privately everyone’s afraid to get black listed by Evil Angel that’s still shooting because it’s funded by their own directors who give John Stagliano 40% of the revenue before they get anything.

“Then the other half of the industry won’t admit what John Stagliano did was wrong. They say, well, it’s low risk. Holy shit!!! You can’t get anybody to say no risk? In our business John Stagliano is HIV positive. You say, ‘It’s low risk- don’t worry about it.’

“I’ve given you every example of what John Stagliano does that is wrong. But if it was anybody else it happened to – if this lawsuit involved Allie Haze or Tory Black or Jessica Drake, you would see John Stagliano crucified and burned at the stake.

“But because it’s Katie Summers and Rob Black saying that this is fucked up, you people say she [Summers] should have known Stagliano’s status. She was in the business for a week, but she should have known,

“Explain to me this, I don’t want to hear about violations codes and bounced checks. I want you motherfuckers to look in a mirror. If I came on an and announced that Alex Gonz was positive, do you understand what would have happened?

“Everything I tell you, you shit on it. Who was I supposed to call?”

Black explained how he got his information about Gonz while getting a blow job from a famous girl in the business who’s been his accurate source of other information.

“During a blow job I heard that Alex Gonz had hepatitis. I asked the girl how do you know that? She said have I been wrong about the other things? She continued to suck my cock. I thought to myself how do I tell everyone that I was getting blowed and this is the rumor on the street? She said ‘I don’t know’ and went back to sucking my cock.

“I go, no one’s going to believe who’s blowing me. Then she kept going. I’m almost there and ready to cum. I said I got an idea. Are you still friends with so and so? Then I came and the little bitch smelled like bleach- I said I have a plan.

“I said there’s no girl that’s not controlled by any of the top agents that would have the balls to speak out. The only way you expose this kid, Gonz, is by making him expose himself. I tell people about John Stagliano and they laugh in my face.

“Ultimately we have to have somebody that nobody will fuck with and will speak up if their toenail is dirty. I go there’s a woman in the business who’s the baddest bitch in the land. I knew if I could maneuver her with this kid, she’d discover that his test is funky.

“Yeah, Lisa Ann is the baddest bitch in the land. And I know Lisa. Trust me, she’s not going to buckle under pressure and if it’s presented as an inquiry… I go set up a meeting with her so we can go to lunch. I sat there at the meeting- ‘you need to do me a favor. I’ve done a lot of things for you when I was on top and I need to help the business and nobody will listen to me.’

“’I need to protect people, but if I let the cat out of the bag they’re going to throw me under the bus and everything I worked for is gone.’

“I said I need a favor and for you to put this together.

“When you read Machiavelli, you talk about trickery and defeating bigger armies with help from outside resources- it doesn’t take much or medical records. All it takes is what the police call ticking the wire.

“And when you book a scene between Lisa Ann and Alex Gonz all Lisa Ann needs to say is let me see the test. She’s seen funky tests. She said this is weird. She put two and two together and said this motherfucker has hepatitis and he’s hiding it.

“How do you pick off Derek Hay who’s protected by Steve Hirsch? Derek Hay ain’t American. He don’t have the smarts to know when he got fucking worked. And, at the end of the day, they all exposed themselves.

“You have a flawed testing system that is now ripe for the takeover. Elementary my dear Watson. I give you trickery and shenanigans and changing the messenger.

“How do you take a piece of information that you know is true but that everyone in the business won’t believe you. At the end of the day, my friend booked a scene with Lisa Ann, and the test Lisa Ann looked at- if it was negative, no foul, no harm. What would have been the harm then if Alex Gonz was negative. Nothing would have been said. But it didn’t go like that. The test was a fugazi.

“On top of that Lisa Ann talked to the guy who’s now missing. Now on top of that, he has Derek Hay saying none of us did anything wrong. We don’t test for HEP, sorry. Say it again, it’s called the messenger, and what Rob Black did in one fell swoop is he changed the messenger.

“I just explained how the message shifted from rumor and innuendo, and it turned out to be exactly true. The alternative would have been nobody being any wiser and I would have told the girl sucking my cock you’re information was wrong. But it didn’t go down like that. It went down drastically different.

“If I told everybody Alex Gonz was HEP C nobody would have believed me. I told you about John Stagliano and lo and behold he’s putting his dick in girls asses unprotected, and he’s having affairs with girls in the talent pool behind his HIV wife’s back.

“Even when I tell you about John Stagliano you fucking spit in my face, so how do I tell you I heard a rumor about Alex Gonz? If I have facts about John Stagliano and you shit on me how do I tell you I heard rumors while I was getting a blowjob? I changed the messenger. Thank you very much. Signed, sealed and delivered.

“The people that I’ve been talking with, and the plan that we have can finally come to fruition. Thank you Derek Hay, LATATA, Free Speech and all the players that were involved in tonight’s game. I thank you for all playing. It was an honor, a joy and I’ll tell ya it gives me a funny feeling inside.”

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