Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Rodney Moore’s Big Squawk over AVN’s Tube Site Category

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This industry never ceases to amuse me. There’s a letter posted by Rodney Moore on taking AVN to task for having an award for Best Free Tube site. Moore calls it a “slap in the face” to the industry.

However, Moore seems to forget the fact he used to advertise on the original Luke Ford site when Luke made it a daily occurrence of slapping the industry in the face. Or maybe Mr. Moore conveniently forgets about that. By the way, Mr. Moore’s scenes are conveniently planted on a number of free tube sites. I don’t see him rushing to take them down.

Oh, and look, here’s one with Sunny Lane, touted as AVN’s Best POV Sex Scene:

[I spent all of five seconds finding these]

Nonetheless, here’s Moore’s letter:

An Open Letter to AVN:

I am appalled and outraged and I speak for many others that you would have an award for free tube sites, the very sites that have destroyed the industry, the very sites that have decimated the incomes of so many companies, companies that have financially supported your magazine for years.

It is a slap in the face to hundreds of industry professionals who have worked hard for years to build profitable web sites, only to see their content stolen and used to rob them of their livelihoods. These tube sites have devalued our product and made adult content worthless in the eyes of the consumer. Now you reward this degradation of the industry with an award? This is beyond reprehensible. My peers and I are disgusted. Please admit that there has been a serious lapse in judgment and remove this award. It renders every other award you will ever hand out meaningless.

Rodney Moore

I’ve chosen the following response from the LIB site simply because I get dragged into it:

From Sandy Bunz: Rodney is 100 % RIGHT ! ! Free porn is used by the PC industry to sell computers. Tube sites are used by supposed dating sites to draw traffic to their
field of dream dating sites. AVN has no interest in promoting solely the porn industry. I recall one AVN show in Las Vegas where Fishbien sold exhibit booths to dentists and bong pipe sellers, whoever had the money got booths. AVN awards used to be given to filmakers who advertised most in the magazine. I quit buying a booth at the AVN show when I learned that Paul Fishbien gave free booths to some exhibitors, to make the show look better to the public who bought tickets at the door. Fishbien used the AVN awards show to highlight and reward the productions of filmakers who were closest friends of his. Filmmakers who were not a friend of his were not awarded awards and never nominated for awards. It use AVN was originaly created by Gene Ross and Paul Fishbien in Philidelphia.


I’m not quite sure what Sandy means in that last sentence, however the AVN Awards were already established before I came into the picture. But over the years I tried to keep AVN from making the kind of gaffes like this Free Tube site business. I’ll have more to say on the subject.

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