Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Rome’s Burning and Diane Duke Wants to Change Violins

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In wrestling parlance, Porn took another shot to the windpipe [at the hands of Democrats no less] in Sacramento on Wednesday.

And Diane Duke’s worried about the Free Speech Coalition stationery. Duke, who gets $150,000 a year to make such executive decisions, may be faced with the hardest one yet in her storied career- whether to keep the name Free Speech or change it to something else. Which of course means all the business cards and anything else with the old logo has to be tossed.

The Republicans already have the trademark dibs on the Do-Nothings, so Duke will have to come up with another name. Maybe, while she’s at it, Duke will change the color of the carpeting in the offices.

Although this name change has been in the planning stages since the middle of last year, Duke’s been soliciting ideas from around the industry. Now that’s a switch. Duke actually asking the business for ideas.

Considering that Queen Diane has been operating Free Speech like a royal monarchy that’s pretty rich. The good thing about monarchs is that they’re generally seen but not heard. No such luck for the porn industry when Queen Diane mounted her throne, as you can see, if you check out The Huffington Post confab from earlier this week.

To even suggest that Duke is an imbecile is, by now, beating a dead horse. But once this interview circulated Sacramento – and you know it did – the politicos realized they had a slam dunk on the condom issue.

If this is the best a monarchy can come up with, I have way more respect for The French Revolution.

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