Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Samantha Saint’s Husband Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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I know that Rob Black’s watchdog organization The Adult Workers of America [UAWA] already have two heavyweight attorneys on board in Robert Starr and Marc Legget. But if they’re looking for assistance, I would like to throw the name of Robert B. Hinckley Jr. into the ring.

If the name doesn’t sound familiar, Hinckley is the husband of Wicked Pictures contract girl Samantha Saint- the lady whose name is being dragged into a pile of sordid hooker-pimp-shakedown- tabloid rubbish involving a Hollywood player named Richard Nanula. Wow.

Looking over Hinckley’s creds, it should be noted that his field is insurance litigation and contractural disputes. Just the guy you want if you were to crackdown on sordid hooker-pimp-shakedown operations in the business, like the one his wife was involved in.

Having never been a lawyer or been married to a porn chick, I don’t know how the legal community looks upon such things. I’m sure there’s a snob-elitist stance taken there, so perhaps the Fattorosis or Don Hollywoods of the world could enlighten us.

In any event, it strikes me that attorney Hinckley has a dilemma on his hands. If he didn’t know about his wife’s extracurricular activities, that means he’s been played for a chump, a patsy, a sap, a sucker, a fall guy, and I’d be calling a divorce attorney right about now.

[Maybe the UAWA will need one on staff because I’ve got an idea there’s going to be a lot of legal separations once all the dirt about the business gets out.]

If attorney Hinckley did know about the activity and said nothing, I don’t know if he actually could be censured, but the scandal alone is mortifying. Especially to a clean cut All American Joe that Hinckley apparently is. And, like it’s always said about a girl in the business- gee, I wonder if his parents know.

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