Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Stretch Class Graduate Annika Albrite Said LA Voters “Ignorant” Voting for Condom Regulation

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Like a lot of people I spoke to in the industry over the weekend, few were actually aware of the Buttman Stretch Class series. Even fewer were aware of the fact that it’s John Stagliano himself who helms this series. AVN I know reviews Stretch Class but nowhere does AVN in its write-ups question the fact that Stagliano, who has HIV, is performing potentially risky acts on his performers.

Once Rob Black made it known of the instance involving Kelly Divine where Stagliano slurps her ass and fingers her through a speculum curiosity piqued my interest. I wanted to see what other brain scientists appear in this series, and I was quite surprised with my cursory findings.

Buttman Stretch Class 15, which just came out in February of this year, features Chanel Preston, AJ Applegate and Sierra.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Preston an AVN and XBiz Best New Starlet and wasn’t Preston in the running for Female Performer of The Year? So you figure she knows what’s going on around town and can’t say she appeared in the series out of ignorance.

Buttman’s Stretch Class 14 available since last November involves Jessie Rogers, Melody Jordan and Anikka Albrite. I guess attending stretch class makes you a lot smarter, but, Albrite, you may recall, got on the soap box last year on behalf of the fight against Measure B and had these comments to make about barrier protection:

“It is not the American way. We are grown adults. We shouldn’t be forced to use condoms,” Albrite said, adding: “I am really disappointed about Measure B passing. It shows how ignorant Los Angeles voters can be.”

I guess you could also argue that it shows how ignorant Albrite is for appearing in this series.

Buttman’s Stretch Class Detention 3, which I guess is a subset of the series, came out in March and has in its class Ashley Fires, Jada Stevens and Roxy Raye. What strikes me odd about this one is Ashley Fires is pretty smart, speaks her mind and seems to know how this business operates. But Fires compromises herself.

I could go on and on but I think you see how this series mires a bunch of performers in a lot of hypocrisy.


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