Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Sunny Leone’s So Popular in India, Her American Attorney Doesn’t Know Who She Is

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It was reported this week that Sunny Leone was the most searched personality in India this year. At least according to Google’s annual Zeitgeist list, she is.

Leone, who runs her own entertainment company, SunLust Pictures and other adult websites, has said that 80 per cent of the traffic on her website and 60 per cent of her revenue came from India. Maybe Sunny should have hired a turban for an attorney because an embarrassing thing happened to her in court when she was trying to sue some John Does in Florida for unauthorized downloading.

What happened is this: There was a porn piracy case going on in Tampa, Fl., and Leone, I guess, had hired an attorney to represent her. I say I guess because Judge Mary Scriven wound up tossing Leone’s case for attempted fraud on the court.

In what can only be described as a Patrick Collins moment [Collins has suffered similar embarrassing setbacks in courts of law over his attempts to sue John Does] Leone’s attorney didn’t have the vaguest idea who Leone was.

Leone was suing a defendant named Tuan Nguyen. Her attorney Jonathan Torres is the local guy for John Steele an attorney whose Prenda Law firm has become another laughing stock in porn piracy cases, or troll cases as they’ve come to be known.

Steele isn’t licensed to practice in the state. It should also be noted that Torres was brought in at the last moment when Leone’s previous attorney Matthew Wasinger for reasons unclear vacated. Wasinger, in fact, was taking over for at least two other attorneys who had also bowed out of the case. So you can see where this is going.

Graham Syfert, the attorney representing Nguyen, smelled something fishy in all of this and Syfert had Steele investigated. Syfert filed a brief arguing that the plaintiffs [SunLust] had concealed key information from the court. Judge Scriven began asking questions about who exactly was representing Sunlust which is Sunny Leone.

“I’m a little confused,” she said.

“There was a lawyer who moved to withdraw, and there was another lawyer who moved to appear, then he moved to withdraw.” She then asked: “Who’s on first, I guess?”

Judge Scriven was quite correct in saying this because porn piracy cases have become an Abbott & Costello routine. Torres, who wasn’t even in the courtroom, told the judge [by phone] he was representing Steele’s Prenda firm, but Prenda, now backed in the corner, said they weren’t representing any party in the case and were not involved in the case.

Torres then told the judge he wanted to be excused from the case. Which would make, if you’re keeping score, four of Leone’s attorneys heading for the hills. A fifth “attorney” named Mark Lutz now representing Leone admitted to the judge he wasn’t even an attorney.

Upon hearing that, Judge Scriven dismissed the case for failure to appear, for failure to present a lawful agent, and for attempted fraud on the Court by offering up a person who has no authority to act on behalf of the corporation as its corporate representative.

At last word, the Florida Bar was going to get involved, sanctions were going to be handed out, but no word whether Leone will have to drag her ass out of India and appear in the states on charges.

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