Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: The Business Has No Business in the Testing Business

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On his Thursday night show Rob Black delivered one of his strongest, most impassioned arguments yet.

“The business has no business in the testing business,” he said.

“We need an outside service to work in conjunction with the UAWA. That is what I’ve been preaching and advocating, by being a community activist and organizer.

“We need a one testing facility for talent that is an outside entity,” Black continued.

“You have a testing facility that is an outside clinic that networks with the UAWA and its members,” he explained.

“That way you’ll have a professional talent facility that is 99.99% better than what we have now in its care and treatment of the adult workers in this business.

“Otherwise you’re going to be talking about all this stuff that’s never been fixed and has just gotten worse. It’s been covered up and spread into the community. You have Alex Gonz [pictured] on the loose. You have a Hep C individual on the loose.

“If that’s not a public safety risk I don’t know what it is. When John Stagliano is having sex and/or sexual relations with non HIV performers that are still inside and performing in the talent pool, that is a danger to public safety.

“If you can give me a logical explanation that anybody involved with our industry should be running a clinic, handling records and informing talent there is a HEP C worker, can someone explain that to me?

“The things this business fucked up on would never have been fucked up if it was run by a trained staff handling sick patients. But our business thinks Brooke Hunter and any other yahoo- they’re going to draw blood and be an assistant with some other yahoo who took a course in phlebotomy, and they’re going to draw my blood and send it to a station.

“If an outside entity came in and said, ‘hey, Jules Jordan I know how to make a better movie.’ Jules Jordan would say fuck you.

“So we’re saying to trained professionals in the health community that we know more about testing? How does that make sense to anybody? We sat there and we had a discussion a week ago and told you when you work in Major League Baseball your entire medical records are out there. You fail a marijuana test it’s out there.

“No boxer or UFC fighter ever slips through the cracks. We’ve said this before that as a member of the UAWA you’re going to be licensed, finger printed and sign off on every aspect of your medical condition that affects another performer.

“If you got a disease you can spread, we care. In Major League Baseball if you fail a drug test the entire business of baseball knows and you are fucked. You can’t get a DUI in sports. Any time you work in any field that has risk and danger, medical records and disclosure is thrown out the window.

“When the president gets a physical the entire world knows. Why are we handling our testing? If you break your arm do you go to a buddy who sets your arm by watching YouTube? Then why are we doing that when our health and safety is the only thing that matters in this business.

“With the UAWA you flunk a test it’s amber-alerted. There’s none of this ‘we got to call the person’ quality.

“You guys are so stupid like that HazMat is retarded [Mark Kernes’ public rebuke of Aurora Snow].

“We sat there and waved our fingers at Cal/OSHA. ‘Our business is beautiful.’

“We think we’re doctors where you have Brooklyn Lee going ‘I do a lot of research the business is supposed to be doing.’ But doesn’t that say something and for me calling for an outside organization to take over our testing procedures?

“UAWA works as a watchdog to make sure nobody fucks with us. You can’t make deals with the devil if you’ve never been the devil himself. The UAWA is the watchdog and the voice of the entire adult business. A one talent testing clinic- an outside body that handles all testing for the adult business- gay and straight.

“One talent testing facility that is not run by anybody in this business, an outside organization that works hand in hand with the UAWA.

“If you think, then, UAWA is going to be filled with cronies, a Bernie Madoff shell game so that John Stagliano and Diane Duke and LATATA can make millions, you’re wrong.

“We in this business need one testing facility not run by this business. I never heard of pimps, pornographers and escorts being doctors and nurses and knowing what we’re talking about when someone has white stuff dripping out their penis. ‘But I know it’s fucked up.’ Why do we not have one facility?

“Right now Alex Gonz is running around Los Angeles and no one knows where here is. The adult business makes great pornography. We do not make great doctors. If we made a mistake with Sharon Mitchell, why are we continuing the same mistakes with Derek Hay, LATATA and Mike South?

“Why do we go down the same path and continue with the same results? What are we afraid of with an outside company testing? They’re testing. It’s clear-cut. At the end of the day they give you a yes or know. Why do we give a shit who tests us? We can’t do it. If a clinic or an organization comes in with an idea- what are we afraid of? We have a disease or not. Why does that have to be done secretly by Derek Hay, Diane Duke and some yahoo Manwin hires.

“How can we go, nah, we don’t want an outside agency coming in and test. Are they going to put poop in our blood? Are you people fucking stupid? We need one facility run by an organization that works hand in hand with the UAWA to make sure every procedure is followed and the business is never put in the back seat again.

“We’re not going to let Diane Duke, Free Speech and LATATA fool you. That’s the plan. That’s the reality get used to it because it’s the best thing today.”

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