Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee; The Gang That Can’t Test Straight and all the LATATA Double-Talk

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“The jig is up with Mike South,” Rob Black announced on his Wednesday evening show.

“The jig is up with the fact that the guy is a shill and the fact that the guy is a liar. He’s half away across the country but he’s an authority on the business.

“You people don’t see that Mike South is poisoning and infecting the business with lies and propaganda made by a side that has no regard for your safety and health- Mike South is officially on the payroll.

“My mission is to make sure that everyone in the free world knows the corruption, the rampant abuse of power and how the entire media apparatus is controlled,” Black also declared.

“The message is to keep down the talent and make sure they’re crippled financially so they [South and Hay] can have their way. I will not sit back.

“I have not taken a pro-active approach, yet but now I am in reaching the press- the same people that the Weinstein people reach.

“After the events of today, we [meaning Black and his crew] decided if it meant we’d sleep in refrigerator boxes and eat other peoples trash and walk the streets of LA- if that is what it takes to defeat Mike South, the Free Speech Coalition, Manwin, John Stagliano, Evil Angel- if that’s what it takes, then that’s what it’s going to take.

“I’ll be damned if I let another talent like Clover get caught up in a political system and let this business die. When everyone thought Mike South was there for you- he isn’t.

“This sonofabitch is more corrupt than AVN and XBiz- you people understand that? Mike South posted a story [Wednesday] that said the Clover story had a happy ending- Mike South has all the inside scoops – like Asa Akira being a Wicked contract girl.

“He said the good news is that Clover is not positive for syphilis at all. That’s good news all the way around he says and the situation was handled properly and there were no negative repercussions.

“Aren’t you guys glad that Mike South and Derek Hay decided that and both industry clinics took Clover’s tests three different times- but Mike South has just informed everybody – good news.

“Clover is possibly not positive for syphilis at all. What does this mean? Probably not positive? How is this a happy ending when you get news that they possibly don’t have syphilis? How the fuck do you take a test that doesn’t say whether you’re positive or not?

“Mike South is saying the most bullshit stuff in the world to make me have a heart attack. Do you understand? Because the story gets better. Then Mike South later posts – not as a top story – that Mike South has his happy story ending of maybe – because he wrote a correction that Clover is not 100% in the clear. ‘Sorry for jumping the gun.’ Mike South puts up the fact that the story has a happy ending?

“Either Clover has Syphilis or he doesn’t?” said Black.

“Any doctor will tell you a syphilis test is a syphilis test. Does anybody realize what today’s date is? Do you people understand that this kid since August 2nd- either has had syphilis or not.

“In today’s age of technology, there isn’t a test that can confirm this? Do any of you people understand what is being said right now? Do you people feel safe with our testing procedures right now?

“I implore county health, Michael Weinstein, anyone who’s listening – will someone come in and please save this industry?

“LAPD, there is criminal activity going on. You people are told every single day the business is safe and your mind can be at ease. The cutting edge technology, they have the best, Diane Duke, APHSS, the Free Speech Coalition, Derek Hay, everybody is telling you the business is safe, that our tests are flawless and everything is above board.

“Then riddle me this- why can we not get a simple confirmation on a syphilis test? What part of this is falling through the cracks? Explain how the fuck can you walk on a set and have sex with somebody that is showing you an HIV test and you now feel 100% safe that this person doesn’t have HIV when this testing facility cannot give a straight answer whether Clover is 100% syphilis or not- what do you people not understand?

“I’m so distraught by you people,” said Black.

“Every one of you are going to tell me the business is safe. Tim Von Swine you and your girlfriend argue with me about the safety, and the talent testing facility cannot give a straight answer in four days; and they do not know if Clover has syphilis or not.

“And you people are going to look at me with a straight face and tell me this business is safe and we should not use condoms? Are you people such pussies with no life skills that you’re afraid of being blacklisted? That is why none of you speak up? Otherwise, you should be executed – you people that do not comprehend what is going on. You should all get cancer and die.

“This whole testing procedure was taken over by Mike South and Derek Hay and talent testing is in the shit house because of Derek Hay, and you put your health in the hands of Derek Hay and Mike South, his minister of propaganda.

“Mike South, you are a punk, and I swear to God eventually you will die and the world will be rid of you. I hope cancer goes through your body- you sold out the health of this industry for $1200.

“You proved it after four days. Mike South and Derek Hay cannot tell anybody a true statement if this young man is positive or negative for syphilis. Mike South buries the correction of a story and says Clover is not 100% in the clear – ‘sorry for jumping the gun a bit’ – I’m telling you that a guy who is supposed to have syphilis, he got back another test and they still don’t know whether he’s got syphilis or not.

“If he’s not 100% in the clear that means he has syphilis! None of you people are understanding this? Are you guys serious?

“Everyone of you people who still support Mike South and go to his site, you people disgust me. For you people not to flood his comment section to tell him he’s a dishonest lying piece of human dog shit who cares nothing about this industry…

“This agency LATATA has not updated their site since January, and they’re supposed to be looking out for you- that’s because Derek Hay was in control of this syphilis outbreak and since August 2nd, this new administration is doing a better job, but they cannot tell anybody if this kid has syphilis or not- but everybody don’t work just to be safe.

“What was good news about the test? As I’m reading what Mike South wrote it says Clover possibly might not be positive for syphilis. Let’s get this straight. I go into Johns Hopkins cancer center.

“‘We tested you, you got cancer.’ Are you sure? I’m going to another specialist, screw you, doc.

“The doc calls up- maybe I was wrong. I go into another cancer place, and they say we don’t know if you do or don’t have cancer. Let’s take another test. Well, we’re not sure. I’m going to go back to the other place. They tell me I do have, I don’t have- you don’t know. I’m going back to Johns Hopkins- again, you don’t know?

“So I’ve gone to two clinics and tested three times. You don’t know if I have cancer? I go home and sit down with my family- I’ve got disturbing news- I might have cancer. But the doctors aren’t sure if I got cancer, and I went to two of the best.

“We’re going to sit back and hope for the best. I get a phone call- I got the best news- the docs took one more round of tests, and, I might possibly might not have it.

“If you put in that context about cancer, would you accept any of those explanations from doctors. Why are we asked to accept that? And why do you accept that? I’m lost.

“Why does the talent in this business accept this? Derek Hay now runs the Free Speech Coalition and talent testing, and because Derek Hay runs it and Mike South is the propaganda minister, you now have somebody that no one knows if he has syphilis.

“I will bet you guys that any doctor in the world- ask them if it take five days to confirm for syphilis. If any of you are not upset or feel betrayed, you are as dumb and ignorant as the world thinks you are.

“You are as abused as children. You’re nothing but helpless victims. If after today’s events- if this hasn’t smarten any of you up to what is going on, you’re no different than a farm animal- not a dog who shits in the house- you’re like a pig or a wretched leech.

“You are the worst piece of animal there is. If no one in this business has a problem that Mike South and Derek Hay after five days cannot confirm or deny if Clover is positive or negative, but Mike South’s correction tells you he’s not 100% clear. Sorry folks for jumping the gun. Next week will be the answer.

“Do you people understand this? We don’t want to say he has syphilis because that would draw county health into this. Mike South, you are a liar. If he was tested, he’d be 100% clear of syphilis.

“If Clover is 100% clear and clean why, is he not 100% out of the woods yet? If I get tested for a disease and am cleared, but I tell you I want to wait a week to be 100% safe, what do you want to be safe about? Mike South says everything is good and happy, but let’s not work for another week or so- but he doesn’t have syphilis.

“You’re just saying and repeating bullshit, and you think because the industry is stupid this will fly.

“Because you think all the porn people are dumb. We’ll find out what happens if the Aids Healthcare Foundation gets some big guns added in their battle for mandatory condoms. We’ll see what happens after this.

“Mike South and Derek Hay are the new bosses now. That’s basically like the gang who couldn’t shoot straight. This is like Junior Gotti [pictured] and a bunch of guys running the crew. More like Jimmy the Weasel and Sammy The Bull.

“Derek Hay and Mike South are the new bosses of the talent, but in their first duty, they fucked up. Do we hire Clover tomorrow? Can we have a scene with those girls who worked with him during that time- Clover’s girl the makeup artist- do we fuck her now?

“Wait, Mike South says Clover’s not 100% clear yet. Clover, if you still have not gotten a test result back, why would you not be out at any other hospital, in an emergency room anywhere? It’s been five days, and if you don’t get treat for syphilis you can die from it.

“I bet you county could give you a test. Seriously? There’s at home HIV tests. You’re going to telling me Cutting Edge Testing and Talent Testing Services – all of us want to know if the testing procedures are so good why is it two facilities can’t give positive or negative confirmation?

“LA County Health wants to know. Michael Weinsten wants to know. Huffington Post wants to know. The LA Times wants to know. How is it the two testing facilities of our business- one owned by Manwin, the other nothing but a draw station- how is it we can tell everyone out there we are safe because we have a testing procedure that’s flawless?

“Explain to me if those two clinics cannot give you a simple yes or no answer on the question of a test for a performer, how in the world can anybody trust Cutting Edge Testing or Talent Testing Services with your AIDS test?

“I am more than happy to sit back and wait for any of Mike South’s message board flunkies to ask Mike South that question.

“How can we feel safe with Talent Testing Services and Cutting Edge Testing conducting HIV tests for people in this business when both those clinics cannot give a goddamn answer after five days whether Clover is negative or positive for syphilis?

AVN and Peter Warren, you’re are such journalists, ask that.

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