Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: The Rob Black Documentary Obscenery; *Check Out the Clip

Rob Black proves time and again that in the game of porn blog pinochle, the trick is often the person who thinks they’ve got dirt on Black that will make him shut his mouth.

To wit, blogger, and I use that term loosely, Mike South thought he had something on Black. South over the weekend posted an email from Christy Canyon calling Black a crackhead who’s jealous of her hero Steve Hirsch.

Black, in turn, melded with Tommy Sinopoli cards to show that Canyon’s got a few skeletons in her own closet that she might like to overlook. With Black, this could go on forever and the best course of action is don’t even think of getting into the game.

What surprises me about Black is that there’s an extremely serious and thoughtful side to the guy which is brought out in a documentary called Obscenery which details his obscenity case.

*And if you’ve got the time I suggest you check out this four-minute clip:

Soon after being indicted in 2003, Black was approached by people from Clear Vision Motion Picture Group to participate in the documentary about his and Lizzy Borden’s battle with the government on obscenity charges.

While the purpose of the project was to rally sentiment behind the couple, the reality is that the people behind Clear Vision were apparently involved in some shady financial dealings. Go figure. And the footage was seized by the courts.

The assets were apparently obtained by a religious organization. As to the future of this riveting documentary, Black will talk more about it on his daily show at

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