Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: The Shadow Knows But Wonders Why Julie Meadows and Others Protect Manwin so Much

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The Shadow writes: The San Fernando Business Journal has proclaimed Michael Weinstein enemy number one, and nobody in the porn industry is challenging this incorrect statement.

Of course why would the industry attack an article that seems to support it’s position on this matter. Only thing is, the article is wrong, dead wrong, and the powers that be in the industry know it. But do you think those powers, The FSC, the agents (LATATA), are going to tell you that?

Everyone in the industry knows that MANWIN is the number one enemy, and
that MANWIN has done more to destroy more of the San Fernando porn industry
than all other organizations combined. Pat Trueman, and the Morality In
Media could only dream of doing the kind of damage to the porn industry
that Manwin has already done, and continues to do.

What a perfect boogey man for the industry, and Manwin, to hide behind.

While the stooges, James Deen, Alana Evans, Steven St. Croix, Kayden Kross [isn’t she a contract girl for Manwin?], Julie Meadows and Diane Duke continue to shift the focus to AHF, Isadore Hall, and OSHA, they are providing perfect cover for Manwin to continue on their scorched earth policy regarding the SFV porn industry.

The elephant in the room, which also happens to be the glad handing Diane Duke, gets a free pass from the stooges, while doing more to destroy their own industry than all the others combined.

Do these stooges, especially the good little lackey performers not really see that they are being made fools of by the very people who are really destroying their industry? I would like to see any of the performers listed above talk for one minute about MANWIN. Aint gonna happen, the Larrys, the Curlys, and the Mo Reeses of the industry just don’t have the gumption to do it.


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