Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: The Time Derek Hay Left Rob Black That Voicemail

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You’re always hearing stories about the Feds closing in on LA Direct Models or that there’s some new wrinkle into an investigation for alleged international prostitution and money laundering.

I began hearing those stories when I launched AdultFYI and that was over ten years ago. I was told by one in the know that the Feds move slowly in these matters, and in many mysterious ways. Yeah. Okay. Sure.

Think about it. If you’re running a prostitution ring, allegedly, chances are you’ve got a lot of big name people who are compromised. Like I said, with that Charlie Gasparino Fox Business News “investigation” of Manwin, it was all over as soon as I discovered that Hearst money was involved. Investigations have a way of being swept under the rug.

So far he’s Teflon, but here’s one faux pas Derek Hay may have committed. He had a beef with Rob Black. Come to think of it, Derek’s got a beef with everybody. In this case, Rob, I suppose, talked to some of Derek’s girls and Derek left a threatening message on Rob’s voicemail Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

As male performer Jack Hammer learned many years ago when he went to prison for making terroristic threats, you don’t leave threatening voicemails and you certainly don’t send incriminating emails.

Rob, being under investigation by the Feds, had people to report to and parole officers to see. So what does Derek do? He calls Rob and tells him he’s going to make a personal visit to his “pokey little apartment” and rearrange his face. The Burbank police have copies of those threats.

Which reminds me of the time Max Hardcore paid Scotty Schwartz a visit on a Sunday night when Scotty, then an agent, wouldn’t allow one of his girls to work with Max. Max made some wholesale threats and Scotty did one better than go to the cops. He went to Lenny Friedlander. Problem solved. Put it this way. Were Lenny Friedlander still alive, there’d be no Derek Hay in this business.

Sadly, the old guard is gone, and that’s a major part of porn’s problems today.

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