Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: The Wrong Person is Being Sued

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Christian Mann [pictured] and Diane Duke participated in the cover-up and in the end Mr. Marcus is taking the fall. Ain’t that the way it always works?

Mr. Marcus gave interviews to the press about his working with syphilis and talked about what a martyr he was because he got caught. He’d make comments like:

“Listen that picture [with Lylith Lavey] is like whatever because in reality if you’re standing there looking at it,trust me the girl went and did, but it looked like it was f*****g dry skin. I put on that damn lotion thought it was gonna make it feel better or look better. I thought it was because of f***ing vitamins I shoulda been taken. I’ve been stressing about a lot of different things. Stress can do s**t to your body do things to the way you think do things.”

This is a good one in which Marcus blames the clinic for not knowing any better, then the Huffington Post for conducting a witch hunt. Funny, I thought it was his buddy Mike South who was burning him at the stake:

“It’s unfortunate, I’d rather it not have happened. I’m sorry for the way it looks, you gotta understand the media twists the hell outta this sh**, especially the Huffington Post. It’s also very political, it’s just unfortunate. I caught something curable, a bacteria that’s curable and the only thing I messed up with, is the test because they just didn’t know any better, the clinic I was at. People just wanna give me a hard time, cuz they gotta give somebody a hard time. No one’s sympathetic or gives a f*** about porn stars.”

In this quote Marcus tells you that girls are disposable commodities: “I have this fantasy that I’m going to get an email saying, ‘I gave this to you, I’m the one who did it sorry about that.’ Girls come and go, it sucks, it changed the way I look at things I pulled back big time from the biz. I see a lot of s**t in people, especially sexually.”

And this one is especially delusional because Marcus thinks he has a future in porn:

“Within the business, hell yeah. If you didn’t like me then, you sure as hell don’t like me now. If you liked me in the beginning, your friendship is probably stronger. I haven’t looked or even asked about (scenes), I don’t know I just feel like I seen so much s**t happened, I’m skeptical of motherf*****s. I don’t know who’s gonna f** with me. I haven’t done a scene since, I’ve pulled back and haven’t even thought twice about it. Not planning on retiring, there’s some things that I’m working on business wise. I love this industry.”

Marcus could say what he likes, but the courts saw through all his bullshit.

In June 2013, Marcus was sentenced to 30 days in jail for knowingly exposing at least two co-stars to syphilis. He was also ordered to serve 15 days of community service and three years of probation.

Yesterday Superior Judge Amy Hogue ruled that Lylith Lavey is able to seek a judgement against Marcus for fraud, negligence, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Marcus is done. I know, I know, it was posturing, but Marcus’ attorney Martin Cutler in my opinion should be disbarred for saying that Lavey knew what she was getting into and didn’t have a case, but that’s a whole other issue covered by the paper attorney Brian Chase wrote about the culpability of the adult business.

Needless to say, this is not going to turn out well for Marcus, but the real villain in this piece is Diane Duke and Christian Mann.

What is it, three HIV cases, a Hep C performer on the run and a performer named Clover who may or may not have syphilis? Good track record, guys.

And I can only hope that Ms. Lavey, or someone else who’s been scarred by the brainless leadership of Duke & Mann files a lawsuit against them. Brian Chase has laid it all out in his paper, and I’ll spend the next few minutes looking for the California law Mann, Duke and Free Speech broken. I’m sure there are a few.


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