Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Two Reasons Why Farrah Abraham Rehab Was All a Publicity Stunt

That whole confection about Farrah Abraham admitting herself into rehab is BS from beginning to end. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah

Farrah was kicked out of The Lukens Institute rehab for being disruptive. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Farrah was in rehab for a 10 day treatment. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Farrah wasn’t taking rehab seriously. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She allegedly got into arguments with nurses, took photos of fellow patient Tan Mom, upset patients and counselors by acting like a bully, and invited paparazzi to take pictures of her. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

The Lukens Institute even tried giving her a second chance. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Farrah pledged her commitment to the program. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

But Farrah insisted on staying at a luxury hotel but demanded the same luxuries that the center offers its patients be available to her at the hotel. That part alone should tell you the story is BS because I don’t believe a rehab center would allow you to stay off grounds.

Here’s the clincher that the story was all a ruse.

Reason No. 1: Abraham is making an appearance at Exxxotica Expo in Chicago July 12-14, despite previously claiming she was leaving porn behind her. [Where I’m sure orange juice is being served to all rehab graduates].

Reason No.2: Then she goes on to host a party at Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in North Carolina on July 18. Oh, did we say Vivid?

By the way, I believe Abraham’s publicist is Gina Rodriguez the same genius who guided Octomom’s career.

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