Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Vivid Lied to; That Means They’re Lying to You about the Measure B Lawsuit

Here are Steve Hirsch’s comments in an CNBC article that came out this week:

“We are not currently in production,” said Hirsch.

“Our next shoot is scheduled for mid-October. We will assess the situation at that time.”

Is that a fact, Steve? So you’re not shooting a movie right now [Spiderman 2] in Las Vegas where you’re breaking all sorts of laws? It is illegal to shoot in Nevada, you know. Shooting porn in Las Vegas is considered prostitution and you’ve violated federal interstate trafficking statutes.

Steve if I were you, I’d fire Kylie Ireland, Axel Braun and the whole lot of them because they can’t keep their mouths shut.

Let’s look:

Axel Braun tweets: Axel Braun ‏@axelbraun [dated September 7]: @MsLaceyLogan LOL no gambling…just shooting

Axel Braun: Dear Las Vegas, thank you for the crappy food, the heat stroke, and the emphysema-inducing secondhand smoke. Bye.

Axel Braun ‏@axelbraun 6 Sep: Sound guy extraordinaire @Frank_Armitage taking one for the team on the set of Spider-Man XXX 2 #collateraldamage

Axel Braun: Tragic weapon malfunction on the set of Spider-Man XXX 2…R.I.P. @eli_cross …

Axel Braun ‏@axelbraun 4 Sep: @axelbraun: Spidey partied a little too hard last night…LOL @XCorvus777

Axel Braun ‏@axelbraun 2 Sep: You know it’s a good action scene when Spider-Man accidentally destroys the set @XCorvus777 [Xander Corvus]

Oh, and we have Kylie Ireland [dated September 7] telling us:

Kylie Ireland ‏@kylieireland 6h: Driving home from Vegas earlier tonight…

Kylie Ireland: Kylie Ireland ‏@kylieireland 6h: As I crawl into bed, aching & exhausted, I realized that the last 10 days were the longest month of my life.

Kylie Ireland: Kylie Ireland ‏@kylieireland 20h: Had about 5 hrs sleep. Trying to decided if I should try to sleep more or if I sbould get up and drive thru the desert.

Kylie Ireland ‏@kylieireland 7 Sep: @XanderGrimm a little??? The best thing about Vegas is your lovely fluffy clouds and the rain.

Kylie Ireland ‏@kylieireland 7 Sep: @XanderGrimm I never ever ever ever want to live here…

Kylie Ireland ‏@kylieireland 6 Sep: @AceOClubs unfortunatly, I am in Vegas on a 8 day shoot from hell… ;

Frank Armistage whose twitter handle is Clint Beastwood tweets:

Clint Beastwood ‏@Frank_Armitage 6 Sep:@axelbraun He says “Come to Vegas, we’ll make a movie.”

And Xander Corvus who technically shouldn’t be working because Mike South is now claiming there’s a male and female performer testing HIV who can be linked to Cameron Bay.

Xander Corvus who is starring in that production was smart enough not to leave a trail of bread crumbs to and from Sin City. Corvus who made the mistake of opening up on Twitter when he challenged Rob Black to a cockfight has been keeping it on the down-low.

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