Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Welcome to Buttman’s Stretch Class 15 And California Labor Code Section 1700.33

Buttman’s Stretch Class 15 was in session March of this year, and it features Chanel Preston, Sierra Sanders, and AJ Applegate. Preston and company learn all kinds of things in this movie about having their rectums stretched at the hands of an HIV performer but nothing about the repercussions of 1700.33.

That’s the California Labor Code section that states the following: “No talent agency shall send or cause to be sent, any artist to any place where the health, safety, or welfare of the artist could be adversely affected, the character of which place the talent agency could have ascertained upon reasonable inquiry.”

I hear there’s at least one lawsuit in the works over an earlier Stretch Class in which a female performer was never told that John Stagliano was HIV. If the same MO prevails throughout, Stagliano stands to be hit with a bewildering flurry of legal paper that could bring down his company. The fact that Stagliano once contemplated teaching Economics means he knows what it means to get sued for more money than what you’ve got.

Meanwhile, agents will continually book their clients for this series, and they will be violating 1700.33 and would probably lose their licenses, if they have them to begin with. In this industry, you never know.

Chanel Preston, XBiz’s Starlet of the Year for 2011, and nominee for 2013 Female Performer of the Year, is 28 years old. Which means she was 12 when Stagliano tested positive for HIV, so she may have heard or read the news, but we kind of doubt it.

Noting that Preston is repped by Adella at Fine Ass Marketing, considered the top PR agency in the business, suggests that Chanel ought to be kept in the loop for these kinds of things.

Having been in the PR business myself 20 years before getting into the adult industry, I know I’d be scratching my head about now figuring on a spin if it were revealed that my client had been working in a potentially health threatening environment.

AJ Applegate has appeared in such splendid fare as Devil’s Film’s I Wanna Butt Fuck Your Daughter [a nominee at the Tribeca Film Festival from what I’m told]

As you’ll note in that scene with Mark Wood, AJ has a splendid ass, and, truthfully, I can see Stagliano’s point in hiring her. Given the chance I would certainly want to stretch her butt hole beyond recognition.

AJ, at 24, just started in the business so she’s not an established pro like Chanel, and she would have been 8 years old when I’m sure she heard the news that Stagliano tested for HIV. By the way, the screen capture [pictured]shows Buttman finger reaching deep into AJ. So, draw your own conclusions about the condition of his cuticles.

Sierra Sanders lists her measurements as 38-27-41. That’s a big ass, and I could see why Buttman would be slobbering all over it. Did I say slobber? See, that’s part of the problem. Slobber is not good if you’re HIV positive, and are anywhere in the vicinity of the female rectum. Then, again, I’m not a doctor, but common sense dictates you might be uneasy with somebody of that genre playing post office with your mail slot.

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