Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: What Else is James Bartholet Lying About Rob Black Asks

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Even Rob Black is willing to concede now there might be a James Bartholet connection to the whole Richard Nanula shakedown prostitution scam that singles out Trinity St. Clair.

Trinity St. Clair happens to be one of Bartholet’s PR clients as was Monica Foster.

Black was skeptical when I first brought the subject up on his show, weeks ago.

But where Bartholet stepped in dog shit is the fact that on Amber Lynn’s Internet show Friday night, Bartholet, taking shots at bloggers, acted all Mr. Innocent about knowing Monica Foster.

Foster, in turn, sent me documents attesting to the fact that she had a professional relationship with Bartholet and that he had been invoicing her. Strange, how if you don’t know someone, you’re billing them at the same time.

Meanwhile Katie Summers has started writing a column for Foster’s website,

As a result Summers is getting emails from female porn performers warning Summers to stay away from Foster that she’s crazy. And that started Rob Black off on his Monday late night show.

“Is Monica Foster crazy because she’s a Jesus freak or is it because she speaks out?” Black wondered.

“She paid that retard [Bartholet] to go to his acting class. James Bartholet shows you the people in this business and who they really are.

“This guy is feeding everybody blow, and God knows what he’s doing with Trinity St. Clair. And he has the audacity to say he doesn’t know Monica Foster? Here’s a guy with all these trophies and a big PR agency. You have this guy saying I don’t know Monica Foster.

“That completely throws shit in the face of this business,” said Black.

“James Bartholet is a liar, and that shows you the type of people in this industry, and it’s sad.

“Monica Foster is a girl who got into this business, that if you look at her history, she did everything she was supposed to do to become an A player with steady work.

“She did everything she was supposed to do.

“And she got fucked over. She spoke out and got out of that aspect of the businness. Like other girls who have been fucked over, they took there licks and most of them are done with the business forever. But Monica is still webcamming, and I guarantee you that girl would do a scene with condoms if the circumstances were the way I present them.

“Monica Foster, we’re talking about a girl who played the game and got fucked over but said she liked the business; but she didn’t want to be put through the wringer of what is out there. I’m putting words in her mouth, but I got to think I’m in the ballpark.

“In essence, you can’t get any more of a girl who played the company line. This is a girl who said tell me what I got to do to be part of this business.

“The girl was in The Cosbys parody and was part of the system. Something happened. She got fucked over. She went to people for help and they said fuck you, nobody gives a shit about you.

“She was shown no sympathy and was told fuck you. Instead of going let me move to Florida and be a nurse, Monica said I’m pretty sure I can make money in the sex business but I can’t be in movies because they hate me. So I’ll write about my experiences.

“How is that wrong? For girls to condemn her is really weird. We don’t talk, personally, and I don’t know her stories. But for James Bartholet saying I don’t know somebody, it’s fucked up.

“For you who think this girl’s crazy you better think again. For everybody to shit on her, she was never able to say what really happened ‘and I got fucked over because I complained?’

“There’s two sides to every story, but James Bartholet flat out lied which makes you wonder what else is James Bartholet lying about? This type of shit is why you can’t trust anybody in this business.

“This is a guy who was at last year’s AVN show. This guy would ask whoever he saw do you want some coke? Do you want coke? Tom Byron got offered coke. Everybody. Any entourage was there, you want coke? How are these malicious lies? James Bartholet running around AVN: ‘want some coke?’

“This guy on a show is flat out lying about a girl and you wonder what else is he hiding. Is he the guy in this Nanula story? It makes you wonder now if Bartholet’s the guy.

“Is he the guy who was working with Trinity St. Clair? Think about it. Trinity St. Clair is Bartholet’s girl and had a lot of stablemates in Bartholet’s PR agency who are hookers. If the guy is a coke hound and a queen, it kind of makes you believe he would know some Hollywood people which leads you to believe he’d be the person to set up these people with Trinity St. Clair.

“Trinity St. Clair is a prostitute who ran a shakedown. She is a client of James Bartholet’s. We’ve all established that. Trinity St. Clair and all the other girls in Bartholet’s stable are all prostitutes from Misty Stone on down. It’s not just me saying that, it’s been established that Trinity St. Clair was running this prostitution scam.

“One would then argue where would Trinity meet clients of Hollywood caliber? Who would she know? Her publicist? Bartholet worked in Hollywood, quasi, and is a huge coke head. That’s not a rumor.

“Katie Summers has first hand knowledge of Bartholet being a big coke head. She was over his house at Thanksgiving. She was offered coke. Bartholet could know Lee Donowitz [the coke dealing movie producer in the film True Romance].

“All this stuff is very possible. And now James Bartholet has access to Trinity St. Clair and a whole list of girls who’ll blow guys in parking lots. I would think I’m not off.

“In the Trinity St. Clair prostitution ring, James Bartholet is the number one suspect.”

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