Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: When It Comes to Condoms Dennis Hof Doesn’t Agree with Ron Jeremy

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America’s pimp, Dennis Hof, and Ron Jeremy have been buds for as long as I’ve been in the adult business. But this week they went their separate ways on the condom issue.

When Sydney Leathers, after performing in a Vivid celebrity tape with Xander Corvus told the press she was going to be using condoms from now on, Jeremy weighed in:

“No disrespect to her [Leathers], but I think maybe she’s feeling bad now that she made a porn movie and she wants to be an advocate for something. She’s not doing this on behalf of all her sisters,” Jeremy said.

Jeremy also had this to say: “The bottom line is that consumers don’t want to see condoms in their pornography — so adding them to U.S. productions will give overseas porn producers a leg up.”

Jeremy added that the recent industry moratorium caused by Bay’s diagnosis proved that routine testing works.

“That shows exactly that it’s working,” Jeremy said, referring to the weeklong ban and its focus on follow-up testing and investigation.

“I know it’s not 100% foolproof, but if you think condoms are the answer, you’re willing to put people out of business.”

Hof took a much different tack this week when he put out a press release saying that his seven legal brothels in Nevada will hire any porn star that applies in the wake of the adult video industry’s latest shutdown over female performer Cameron Bay found to be HIV-infected.

The Nevada brothel industry legally requires condoms to be used at all times—and as a result has gone 30 years without a single transmission of any sexually-transmitted disease.

Hof, who’s probably seen it all, states that porn stars working at The Bunny Ranch “show up with the worst cases of STDs we have ever seen.”

I want to see Diane Duke, madam expert, debate Hof. I would pay to see that square off.

Hof goes on to say, “That’s no way to live, and no way to have to earn your living. And I’ve always told them [porn performers], these health-scares in porn are going to keep happening again, and again, and again.”

“My heart goes out to the thousands of porn actresses out there that go to work each day, not knowing if this will be the day they catch syphilis, hepatitis or HIV because they have to work without condoms,” Hof adds.

“They have to live in terror each month waiting for their tests to come back—-will this be the one that will destroy their life? In our brothels the opposite is true. Condoms are mandatory, and our girls never have to worry about HIV, never!”

Yeah. Quite a difference between what Jeremy and Diane Duke have been saying. Makes you wonder whose team they’re playing for.


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