Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Why Didn’t Mr. Marcus Simply Take Time Off?

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DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God, at New York’s 105.1 The Breakfast Club, last week gave Mr. Marcus The Donkey of The Day distinction. But in ragging on Marcus hellaciously, with hee-haw jackass sounds, a very good point is made.

DJ Envy states the following: “Mr. Marcus got a penicillin shot on July 13th of last year after testing positive for syphilis. He re-tested positive again eight days later and he altered a copy of the original test form. He altered documents recording the results of mandatory medical tests all porn starts must take. Basically in ‘hood’ terms he forged the documents.”

What DJ Envy is wrong about is reporting the industry shut down for two months then resumed with everyone wearing condoms.

What he does get right is the fact that Marcus should have simply stepped back, taken some time off and healed. No big deal, right?

But as Rob Black has pointed out, Marcus is a dope: “Marcus isn’t as smart as we thought,” said Black. “He’s ignorant, dumb and has never been taught properly to assimilate in life.”

“Because of Mr. Marcus and his polluted penis us porno fans had to suffer through condom use in pornos,” DJ Envy continued.

“All you had to do when you got was syphilis was take a leave of absence. It’s a curable disease. What in your life was that pressing that you had to do another porno that fast? Did you need the money? What, you can’t call in sick when you’re in the porno business?

“Your penis was under the weather. You can’t take a vacation for personal reasons? What other diseases have you lied about having? What else is inside of you that we don’t know about?”

One of the women mentions that she sees Marcus “out and about” at parties.

“He looks depressed. I think he had some issues with depression.”

“I would be depressed, too, if I know I was giving that polluted penis to all kind of chicks,” adds DJ Envy.

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