Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Why Isn’t Manwin Contract Girl Kayden Kross Person of The Week?

As I was pouring battery acid into my morning’s cup of coffee, I noticed that Give ‘Em Hell Mike South has initiated a new honors program. South is making Lylith Lavey his first “person of the week.” And rightly so. Lylith is suing Mr. Marcus who worked with syphilis and didn’t bother to tell her about it. Lavey’s move, I agree, shows a lot of guts. And I hope Diane Duke gets depo’ed, lies, and goes to prison.

Marcus’ attorney, Martin Cutler, as I pointed out a couple of days ago, is calling Lavey’s lawsuit “frivolous” which is what attorneys generally say in lawsuits. It’s his second comment that’s astounding.

Cutler, an attorney for, presumably, 24 years, states, “In my 24 years of practicing law, I have never seen a more frivolous case against a defendant than this one. There was an assumption of risk in the case of the shoot. She’s a porn actress — she knew what she was getting into.”


Imagine for a second if Lee Harvey Oswald had lived and gone to trial. His defense attorney, Jim Garrison, Martin Cutler, or, whoever, could have argued Lee Harvey’s innocence.

“Your honor, my client is innocent of all charges.”

“Mr. Cutler, this is an outrage, what do you mean???????!!!!!!!!!!”

“I mean, your honor, that Mr. Kennedy knowingly came to Dallas having been warned that Dallas was a dangerous, volatile situation. Mr. Kennedy, as president, knew what he was getting into. It was an assumption of risk.”

Lee Harvey under the Cutler defense would probably been found innocent as will be Mr. Marcus.

But that doesn’t answer my question this cloudy, overcast Sunday morning here in Porn Valley. What I want to know is why Kayden Kross, who got tons of promo this week because of her participation in the documentary “Aroused” about female porn stars in the business, isn’t Mike South’s pick of the week? Aren’t Kayden and Mike buddies?

I remember years ago when I did a pretty thorough investigation of Kayden’s alleged part in a mortgage fraud, how Mike went to bat for her. Kayden was given a laughable slap on the wrist in that case, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that tons of people involved had a way different story to tell. It’s kind of like the Mr. Marcus defense. Hey, a handicapped Vietnam Vet buys a house and loses it? Hey, you dumb fuck, the mortgage bubble was bursting, you knew what you were getting into.

And, as I recall, Mike chastised me for writing about this. I guess I should have ignored that story, huh? While I know it’s entirely irrelevant to bring up, I notice that Kayden is a Digital Playground contract girl. And Digital Playground is a Manwin entity. [Her most recent movie for them is La Boutique which has a street date of March 19th]

Hasn’t Mike been the guy telling us all along what scumbags Manwin are?

But here’s his gal, Kayden [wasn’t she writing articles for Mike at one time], Manwin’s contract girl. Am I right in thinking that Kayden sold out? Tell me if I’m wrong.

If Kayden’s this highly educated, deep thinking porn chick that she’s painted to be, wouldn’t Kayden realize the devastating impacting that ties to Manwin, a company that destroyed this industry by handing out free samples of porn all over the world, would have on her career?

If I’m wrong, Mike, please set me straight with one of your “green Gene” barbs. Mike, how do you reconcile the fact that your buddy, Kayden, sold out to your enemy?

If the old Chinese proverb which states, “the enemy of your enemy is my friend,” then what is the friend of your enemy become? I haven’t had my coffee yet, so I’m not clear on this.

[Then, again, all the same arguments apply to Stoya, James Deen’s girlfriend, who is also a Manwin contract girl.]

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