Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Wire, Wire, Who’s Wearing a Wire?

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Aside from the fact that he’s fucking funny, the thing I like about Rob Black, is his ability to connect the dots. You might call it an overactive imagination, but Black has clearly shown on more than one occasion how unrelated circumstances in porn all of a sudden fit together in nice, little sinister bundles of conspiracy if you just think a little outside the box.

As you know, if you’re listening to his show or reading my recaps, Black’s been harping on John Stagliano. From what I gather, something’s coming down, and Stagliano might have to start facing questions about the way he’d doing business. That may or may not happen if you subscribe to the rat theory.

Last year when I began to suspect that Evil Angel was seriously in bed with Manwin or maybe even owned by them, Christian Mann pulled advertising from me. But if you go on the pirate sites you’ll find Stagliano’s brand emblazoned all over the place. is running this big ad for the Stretch Class series

XXXBunker, as well, is assisting in the promotions scheme. I could give you many more links except you get the point. If he’s not owned by the pirates, Stagliano’s clearly swabbing the decks with them.

When Black began harping that Stagliano wasn’t making full disclosure about his HIV status, I began thinking about Stagliano’s obscenity trial.

Do you remember that Stagliano, a millionaire, went online and began begging fans for donations to his legal cause? To me that smacked of so much arrogance. But here’s the funny thing. The Feds had a slam dunk case against him, and blew it by making procedural mistakes a first year law student wouldn’t make.

You also remember the judge tossing the case because of that? Maybe it’s my overactive imagination, only now I’m wondering if there wasn’t a little quid pro quo involved.

The reason I’m bringing all of this up is because an AdultFYI reader who obviously listens to Black’s show wrote me the following yesterday:

” hi gene I heard about the nacho vidal thing yesterday how he supports condom use in porn videos in spain. I remember last oct 2012 he was 1 of 60 people busted in a fbi sting for money laudering that involved the Chinese mafia.

“I heard rob black comments on that and I think nacho made a deal and snitched on other people. I was wondering what happened to that case if he was cleared by poscutors and fbi that would have been reported. just a couple weeks ago porno dan leal was cleared, but michael winestein [sic] said he had a informant on dans set a performer.

“so dan is either not gulty or guity but no proof or if he made a deal that we don’t know about. its funny all these people getting busted and then all of a sudden the case goes away. back in 09 rocco from evil angel was under watch by the government in ITALY for taxes. what ever happen in that case.”

My reader points out two instances where Evil Angel directors were under a cloud of suspicion then, all of a sudden, things just go away.

Whether you’re aware of this or not, historically, porn company owners have ratted to the Feds and worn wires to entrap others in this business. Now, before you gasp and say that ain’t so, I’m here to tell you differently.

David Sturman was approached by the Feds, and before you start yelling liar, liar, pants on fire, I saw the letter. I saw the actual letter. Did David Sturman wear a wire? That I couldn’t tell you. I never patted him down.

The famous industry snitch was Mark Carriere, owner of Leisuretime Entertainment and Ron Jeremy’s former boss. I don’t recall Ron discussing that fact in his book, but Carriere was definitely wired for sound.

I know the Feds were working on a case involving Carriere and the mysterious death of his brother [it was called a “suicide”] none of which seemed to go anywhere. How odd. Never mind that, Carriere was a cooperating witness in another case the Feds were building against porn mogul Sydney Niekerk, former owner of Cal-Vista.

In 2002 when the NY Times and others revealed that Metro owner Kenny Guarino had mob ties, there had been rumors that Guarino was Wi-Fi’ed. Who knows for sure at this point. And, is it too far out in left field to suggest that Fabian Thylmann is cooperating with authorities?

When Seymore Butts was ready to have his obscenity trial brought to a jury in Los Angeles, Black made a big stink about how Butts was implicating others in the porn community to cut a deal. Butts got off with a $1,000 fine. How convenient.

Oh, Gene, you’re being paranoid…really? The best example of an inside job is when Tabitha Steven’s ex husband Kenny Gallo wore a wire and talked about the whole experience in his book, Breakshot which includes chapter after chapter of delicious porno tidbits.

You can talk about these conspiracies until you’re blue in the face, it’s just that when the Feds need info they know how to approach and shake down the right people.

My reader brings up a good point about that whole Porno Dan-condom fracas. Michael Weintein did say that someone in the Porno Dan camp had been cooperating, i.e., ratting.

And, with AB 332 going up in flames I wonder if there wasn’t some cooperation extended across the aisle in exchange for that gift? Hmmm, you think so?

If Diane Duke’s wired, you be the one to pat her down. I think I’ll pass up on the opportunity, thank you.

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