Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee- The Stagliano Lawsuit; Everybody Thought Rob Black Was a Joke?

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I wonder who’s laughing now.

When the details are finally brought out, and just a tease was posted on this morning, it will be revealed that the attorney handling Lylith Lavey’s lawsuit against Mr. Marcus is the same attorney who filed the lawsuit against John Stagliano.

We all know the story by now. Stagliano [allegedly] worked with a performer not informing them that he was HIV. Pretty serious stuff if you ask me. Note, too, that this suit was filed by an attorney outside of the porn business.

Doesn’t it strike you odd that attorneys who are supposed to be protecting the talent in this industry – and I can think of a couple – wouldn’t touch this suit with a ten foot pole? Why is that you think?

If memory serves correct, I think a couple of female porn performers sued Max Hardcore. I don’t know if she ever filed a suit, but a performer named Neesa [aka Marcy Justine Greer] claimed Max Hardcore raped her. And then there was another performer named Olivia, a blonde who was active in the business from 1993-2004.

Max Hardcore in one interview said this: “I think I know the cunt [Neesa]. She got through the scene and we got a very nice exit interview on her. She couldn’t throat, so I gave up on that. Really pretty useless girl from the San Francisco area into the goth scene.

“She called the HIV clinic and the police and all that crap and they basically told her that she was full of sh-t and it’s her own f-cking fault, which it was because all girls are told ahead of time that you have the right to say no or even leave if you’re not feeling comfortable. I make pretty good sex scenes but I can’t read minds. And the idea of retaliation is just idiotic. I forgot about that whore, and will forget again shortly.”

In the Olivia situation, the DA dropped the case.

Max at the time commented: [The] case was rejected by DA summarily after I showed the pre-scene interview where I explain the scene and have the girl agree to do it. But that part that locked it for me was when they saw the part where I piss in her mouth and she says it’s not that bad. She must have forgotten about that part, but that’s what happens when you do too much drugs.”

Katie Summers may prove differently than some bipolar Klonopin-addicted Goth girl from San Francisco. She’s a pretty level headed young woman who represents herself well and speaks intelligently.

And the one thing I like about this suit is that it will finally wipe the smirks off of the Stagliano contingent who treat everything Rob Black, says as a joke. Black has been harping on this Stagliano issue for months, and, now, a very high powered attorney has listened.

This is no joke, and Diane Duke and the Free Speech Coalition will be dragged into this thing for depos, mark my words. Man, is this going to get ugly but for the better.

Things are about to change in this industry. Agents are going to be held accountable for sending performers into harm’s way. Agents won’t be allowed to run escort and prostitution rings; the issue of workmen’s comp is going to be placed on the table, and the fear of a performer speaking out will be no more.

I can only hope this will be the dawn of a new and better porn industry once Manwin and its fleet of pirate ships are shown the door.

By the way, Peter Acworth, Princess Donna and can prepare themselves because hell will be coming to breakfast for them as well. Or so I hear.

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