Thoughts Over The Morning’s Cup of Coffee: Now Recruiting European Trannies

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Remember when Mr. Marcus tested for syphilis? There was a simultaneous story breaking in Europe about a couple dozen performers supposedly with the syph but we heard little about those developments after that. Wonder why.

And remember how European performers came over here in droves, usually through the Spiegler pipeline. Don’t see too much of that any more, either.

So it was a little surprising to read on that Tomcat [pictured], Lorelei Lee’s “husband” is actively recruiting the European tranny scene for’s and websites.

I’m not one to say, I’m just sayin’. You’d think would be more prudent, what with all the Cal/OSHA investigations and suspicion that Kink’s tranny/gay nexus is the ingredient that stirs the STD stew in these here parts that they’d now go to these lengths. The fact that we can’t control our own domestic health situation is only more cause for alarm that intends to import an unknown element.

Here’s the scary part. Tomcat’s quote to XBiz:

“We shot TsSeduction and TsPussyHunters in Italy last fall, and the trip was a great success,” Tomcat, added. “It made me more confident that there was a way to produce shoots abroad and I am definitely excited to make connections here at the show and throughout Europe if possible.”

This is telling you a couple of things. is making its plans to shoot out of the country to avoid condom mandates. And is shooting out of the country to avoid PASS restrictions and protocols. Like Vivid and Evil Angel shooting during moratoriums we’re quickly learning that porn industry rules only apply to studios who can’t afford to break them.


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