Thoughts Over the Mornings Fourth Coffee: And You’re Going to Tell Me The Industry is Safe?

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During the Mr. Marcus syphilis scare we were told that a talent testing service helped Mr. Marcus alter his results. Last week Clover told us that he went to both talent testing services and was told he was inconclusive and that he’d have to re-test for syphilis a week later.

But then Diane Duke told us through AVN and XBiz, the same testing services assured her that Clover was negative because this TREP test for Syphilis will trick you with false positives.

So what is it, Diane? Now we’ve got a male talent from LA Direct testing positive for Hep C but no one’s being told about it. Who knows at this point how many of the female talent have been exposed. [Not to mention the fact that Derek Hay is now exposed to potential lawsuits.]

Forget all of that. Remember, Diane Duke as an executive for Planned Parenthood, used to make her living selling you on the idea of condoms; except Duke is now employed by Manwin to tell you the exact opposite. And Manwin runs a website telling you to use condoms but contributes $100,000 in the Measure B campaign against them.

While you’re mulling over some of these inconsistencies,I’m going to spend the rest of the day jacking off to Japanese porn. It might be blurred with mosaics but it’s a helluva lot safer.

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