Thoughts Over The Morning’s Fourth Cup Of Coffee: You Had an Evening Out and You Paid Your Pimp for It

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Think about it. LATATA held a bowling event over the weekend. Porn performers worked for nothing and half the money went to LATATA who takes money out of the porn performers’ pockets to begin with. That was what Rob Black was trying to convey to his audience yesterday.

“There was an AVN story involving Diane Duke who made a press statement,” Black announced.

“I don’t know if you guys read into this, but a lot of people in the business are clueless as to what’s going on. They can’t take the truth, and the reality even when someone’s staring at them and pissing in their face, they think it’s rain or a mist.

“No, dummies, they’re peeing in your face. They had a bowling event where they raised $6,000.

“You guys realize that what Diane Duke is saying the money went to the Free Speech Coalition and LATATA- that means half went to Derek Hay [pictured], Mark Spiegler, Shy Love, OC Modeling- for what? Why should you raise $6,000 to give half of it to LATATA? Are you retarded?

“The real news is that the Free Speech Coalition had an event co-hosted by Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler and it went into their pockets, more importantly Shy Love’s pocket,” Black stated.

“The story pretty much means you paid the mortgage that month and gave Shy Love a going away present. They’re all thanking you. Shy Love just sold her remaining interest to The Blazing Bucks guy, but Shy Love made sure she got her piece of that $3,000 and for doing what?

“I don’t get it. The Free Speech Coalition and the agents had an event where Diane Duke says both organizations benefited from the event. We all know the pieces of shit on the Free Speech Coalition, and there’s a lot of them, but LATATA there’s four- Sandy at OC Modeling, Chris at FOXXX Modeling, Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler. At the end of the night were they all sitting in the coat room counting the money?

“I’m confused why people in this business are blinded by bullshit. I’m completely baffled. I know I’m a big douchebag- Kimberly Kane, Andy San Dimas – but can you explain to me why any of your fellow brothers and sisters are at a bowling event, and you’re volunteering your time where you’re told the money is going to the agents. So why am I a douchebag when you give 20% of your money to them, and you’re told we’re going to take part of this money and you go yes. Male performers, I’m confused that you let a man tell you what to do.

“I don’t get the guys who are with agents and let another guy tell them what to do,” Black continued.

“In the sex business that’s a little bit funky. You’re sitting there and going ‘I got to call Derek. I got to call Bud.’

“What, to cut your hair? Are you a fag? They work for you, you don’t work for them. You take money out of your pocket to pay Derek Hay? Why? I’m lost. Are you Richard Gere in Mr. Goodbar?

“What the fuck is wrong with you? If you’re a man in this business and aren’t connected enough to where they [producers and directors] call you, then you ain’t a fucking man, bro. Sorry. When you say I got to call my agent you aren’t a man.

“Are you guys fucking nuts? I’m confused how the talent can go out there, bust their asses and even when you’re not sucking cock or fucking a girl you got to pay your pimp.

“Ain’t that something? You just had a social evening you paid your owners for. It’s the most bizarre-o world I’ve ever seen. Derek Hay and LA Direct have an office in the $10M Vivid building. Everybody there drives a Mercedes now we know how they make those payments.

“You have a social event and you make the talent show up and you take the money. And we know it was a lot more than $6,000 they took in. So you guys sat there and bowled and you hustled your asses off, and at the end of the day you chipped in money to Derek so he could pay rent when there’s 80% of the talent out there who can’t pay their bills.

“Who knows maybe this whole event was done to give Shy Love a big payoff: ‘Thanks for ruining the business. You’re a real fucking winner.’

“Seriously, I’m baffled,” Black concluded.

“Why would anybody in this business stand for this?”

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