Thoughts Over the Morning’s Second Coffee: AVN, Industry Attorney Promoting Prostitution?

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I thought the law was pretty clear. Porn’s legal to shoot in California and New Hampshire. Elsewhere it isn’t, although it’s clearly up to the local jurisdiction if they want to make an issue out of it or not.

For instance, all the talk about shooting porn in Las Vegas always seems to overlook the Pure Pleasure bust.

In Arizona, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has stated that he will prosecute pornography cases police bring to his office. And in Florida’s Polk County sheriff Grady Judd goes after sleazeball pornographers for sport.

In Chicago recently there was a whole to-do about a racy Bree Olson billboard and the matter was brought to mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office. The upshoot is that the billboard was removed. I bring up Chicago because
a story on AVN is flagrantly touting prostitution in the Windy City, so you kinda go, what?! If Chicago won’t abide racy billboards, what do you think it’s position is regarding porn production?

According to the AVN story, Maggie Green, Carey Riley, Karen Fisher, Jayla Diamond and Debrah Ann are going to be at the booth during the Chicago Exxxotica. One would assume it’s the usual meet & greet with fans, but there’s much more to it. AdultBizLaw, of course, is attorney Michael Fattorosi who seems to be embracing a new business model, pimping.

Says AVN: “if you ever wanted to ‘break into’ the adult industry, here’s your chance. For the Chicago show only, the curious (and serious) can attend the “Breaking into Adult” seminar on Friday at 4:30 pm or Saturday at 1:30 pm, where you might even be able to perform in a real scene with real porn stars Carey Riley and/or Karen Fisher.

“That’s right. Here’s your chance to prove you have what it takes to be the next Ron Jeremy or Jenna Jameson. On Friday and/or Saturday, Carey and Karen will choose one lucky stud or stud-ette to share a scene. You won’t get paid but you will get laid. [But I’m sure the girls are.]

“But you need to be tested by Talent Testing Services and have a clean, full panel STD test with you! Contact Talent Testing Services for their closest location to you and get tested to be eligible! (Test results need to be within 5 days of the date of the scene). Open to men, women and couples.”

One must assume this scene is being shot in some Chicago hotel room. Maybe it’s even upscale like The Palmer House. No matter. Testing or not [and this opens another can of worms], on the face of it, this is illegal activity.

Unless, of course, attorney Fattorosi has secured some kind of dispensation or permit from Rahm Emanuel’s office. Yes, that must be the case, and donations or proceeds have to be going to some kind of charity.

Otherwise you got to ask, has the lawyer business gone that much into the drink that an attorney would risk lending his name to a pimp-scam?

And here’s the other argument. The adult industry always claims it’s operating in a safe environment, but we’ve already seen how someone that’s HIV positive can beat a test as in the case of John Stagliano.

And you’re going to tell me a five-day window proves safe enough with porn civilians? And I don’t even see a mention of condoms. Knowing that attorney Fattorosi is anti-measure B, I’m assuming there won’t be.

All of this nonsense is risky at best, but, again, only illegal if the cops get wind of it.

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