Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Coffee: If Jameson Rumors are True The Industry Owes Rob Black an Apology

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The rumors are out there that Jenna Jameson will be hosting the next XBiz Awards show.

Really? The rock ’em sock ’em, Tito Ortiz, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf domestic disturbance Jenna? The run your drunken car into a telephone pole Jenna? The don’t show up to a fan event, you’re sued and you duck the judgment Jenna; the you sold Playboy a bill of goods Jenna; the you basically called Brad Armstrong a faggot in your autobiography Jenna; the beat up your assistant Jenna? Or, the one I like best, the Jameson who at the 2008 AVN Awards told the business to fuck off.

I’m not making that last one up. Tristan Taormino wrote the following account in the Village Voice: Then Jenna Jameson took the stage to present an award named after her: the Jenna Jameson Crossover Star of the Year Award.

Before she announced the lucky winner, she said she wanted to be honest with everyone; I quickly craned my neck to scan the teleprompter, which was frozen.

Indeed, she was off the script, rambling on about her new boyfriend, the tabloids, rumors about her weight loss, etc.

She concluded with the bitter statement, “I will never spread my legs again in this industry.” Way to really cross over, Jenna—into porno-hating land. People booed. Jenna is supposed to be the poster girl for porn success, the savvy woman who built an empire (which was recently acquired for millions by another empire, Playboy).

Why did she sound so angry? And why would she make such a negative public statement? I happened to be sitting right behind Jay Grdina, Jenna’s nearly ex-husband (their divorce is pending) and the CEO of Club Jenna, and a flood of people came over to pat him on the back and comfort him afterward. You would’ve thought someone had died.

It was a moment of reality—at least Jenna’s reality—that contradicted all we’ve seen from her before. I’m still not sure if it was totally spontaneous, or if she’d rehearsed her speech in the mirror. In porn, “real” is relative.


Point being, if XBiz’s choice is true, it truly puts a light on the hypocrisy of this industry. Rob Black has never turned his back on the business and now is only trying to install measures for performers’ safety and well-being and is being treated like a leper for his efforts; but for this ingrate [Jameson] to be given a podium at a major industry event is beyond fathomable.

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