Thoughts Over the Morning’s Second Coffee: Is Jayden James the Pain In the Ass Jerry Estrada Says She Is?

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“Girls talk out of both sides of their mouths- at least in this business,” said Rob Black the other night.

“Jayden James has been in the business for awhile. She has a big fucking tattoo on the side of her. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the same girl who’s with 101 Modeling which is owned and operated by Bud Lee the world’s first super pimp and Robert Moran the world’s first Derek Hay bitch boy.

“On her twitter she tweeted out about Bobby Manila everybody’s favorite IEO.

“If you wanna know what that is,” said Black, “it’s -‘Indeterminate Ethnic origin.’ That is what an IEO is for all you lame people. It basically means you’re a fucking shit person.

“Jayden James said Bobby Manila’s been shooting striptease footage for his personal use and not for Naughty America.

[Check out this back story: ]

“Jayden James sounds like Rob Black and she’s been around for years,” Black explained.

“I never heard her speak like this before, but I guess she feels empowered. Jayden James, so why do you have Bud Lee and Robert Moran taking your money while you’re on their modeling site?

“I admire you sounding so strong and forceful, but here’s my question – is this more of a personal problem with the IEO or is that you finding an inner strength and fighting for the girls?

“Katie Summers stood up for herself and everyone shit on her. So when you don’t open your mouth you shit on her. You talk about someone taking advantage of you and it shouldn’t sit well. You want everyone to feel outrage that Bonny Manila is a thief with no morals and we’re supposed to feel shocked?

“What he does is package it up and sells it to someone for a 50-50 split. He’s doing what the great Paul Norman used to do- shooting two movies. I guess you could make cases for it going into a separate line to find the excuse to make more money to shoot you.

“Bobby Manila, you get paid by Naughty America to shoot them a movie. You have no rights to anything except the little redhead you had a child with.

“But Jayden, here’s my question, I always thought you were a smart girl until I heard you hung out with Ivan, a fat fuck mark who owes his entire life and career to me, but shits on me from Day One.

“When I heard that you hung out with that fat mark I said what kind of smart chick would do that then I heard that you were with 101 Modeling an agency who does not speak out and protects one of their own.

[Black was referring to the fact that 101 Modeling girl Lylith Lavey worked with Mr. Marcus when he had syphilis and 101 Modeling did nothing about it.]

“Jayden Jaymes, you were our first choice for Wonder Woman, but Jerry Estrada said you were the biggest pain in the ass, you’re going to regret it, and that put the fear of God in me.

“I needed a Wonder Woman I could get along with and was cool. So when Jerry said she was a raging douchebag that led me to Chanelle Preston.

[Who was hired because she was mistaken for another girl from Club Jenna.]

“Everybody was basically do you want to put up with a pain in the ass?” said Black.

“Jayden, here’s my question to you my love. We almost got to together when you were going to be Wonder Woman. The costume would have covered up those stupid tattoos and here we are and you’re putting on blast Bobby the IEO Manila.

“You’re saying he’s a scumbag and a thief and all performers should stand up for themselves.

“So my question is why are you still with 101 Modeling, why are you not independent and why are you not a member of the UAWA,

“You want to be the badass motherfucker I thought you were until I learned you were an Ivan disciple and a big pain in the ass. I thought you were a badass motherfucker.

“So now Jayden, some four years later, my challenge to you is be a strong woman; words are shit. Let’s see some fucking action, girl. Let’s see action from a girl who just sat there and posted that every girl should speak up. Why are you still paying pimps at 101 Modeling? Why are you not independent and standing with Katie Summers and the UAWA?

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