Thoughts Over the Morning’s Second Coffee: Lord, Please Don’t Tell Me That Jack Spade is a Pimp!!!

I’ve known Jack Spade since the early days of Porn Star Karaoke. And I used to run into him at KSEX radio. Jack seemed to be connected romantically with every porn performer under the sun, and I never quite figured out what he did for a living.

Monica Foster has an idea. She says Jack’s a pimp and that he’s tied in some way with Trinity St. Clair and some alleged video scam that’s doubling as a prostitution ring which includes Wicked contract girl Samantha Saint who may or may not be guilty by reason of association.

You can read more about that here and here

For now, Monica Foster is running with the story, however Spade is yelling bullshit and threatening Foster with lawyers. What I’m reading out of all this, is, Spade evidently has never worked a day in his life, is or was married to Bonnie Rotten, brought her into the business and several years ago was arrested in connection with a domestic abuse squabble involving Jenny Hendrix, who, according to WTLV in Jacksonville, Florida also worked as an escort besides appearing in porn films. That whole business with St. Clair? I dunno.

Honestly, I’m shocked beyond comment. Not only are honest, hard working porn performers being linked to alleged escorting scams, but are getting the shit beat out of them by pimps. Just like in the movies. What is this world coming to especially in light of the Stagliano allegations.

Say it ain’t so Jack. Just say it ain’t so.

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