Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Coffee: Phoenix Askani Succumbs to OC Modeling Pressure

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Tonight is what’s known as a Blue Moon. What it means is this- there’s literally a bad moon rising, and it’s about to land on OC Modeling.

Why them you ask? You can come up with several reasons. But, specifically, they landed heavy on one of their clients, Phoenix Askani. And all because Rob Black decided to do her a favor by giving Askani free advertising on AdultFYI.

Black talked about this situation on his late night show Monday evening.

“The business is in the toilet,” said Black.

“And we look like garbage to the world. Now we’re attacking people [Askani] who are getting help from others [Black].

“That is what this industry has become. We attack people who are getting help. We attack girls in this business. I never experienced an industry where its own workers hate on each other for doing something nice.”

“You are seeing a panic like you’ve never seen before. Our business fights among themselves when their fellow workers who get something positive done on their behalf.”

Black said he felt like he was dealing with a bunch of “pre-schoolers”.

Then he got down to specifics on what happened with Askani.

“It’s amazing what people in the business do to one another,” he said.

If you go on over to AdultFYI- the website is different. I’ve been overhauling the website, prepping it for advertising, everything, driving traffic.

“The rankings are bigger and better than ever. As we overhauled the site, I took down banners, and I’ve been getting rid of useless links- basically we’ve been changing up the site.

Black said he was basically prepping the site to begin accepting ads again noting that former webmaster Bill Fox left him a “hodgepodge of shit” that needed to be cleaned up. Even with the mess Fox left me AdultFYI was going through the roof in stats. I just couldn’t sell ads.

“But the stats don’t lie,” said Black.

“Look at the rankings, and it’s been skyrocketing. This site is what everybody in the world is going to. I sat there and said I’m going to put up banners of friends of mine.

“People in my life get a little say so. When Gracie Glam met the challenge to walk out of LA Direct, she met the challenge- I went on record and said I’m going to make a banner for Gracie Glam that she’s a free agent.

“The next day I held true to my word and it goes directly to Glam’s twitter. I also put a Katie Summers banner up there. I make these banners. I’m not a cash program. I’m just trying to do something nice for people.”

Black explained that at the request of Katie Summers who knows Phoenix Askani, he also put up a banner for Askani. At 6PM Monday evening, he got word from Summers to take the banner down. Black was puzzled by the request.

“Phoenix Askani said she doesn’t want her career to be in the public eye – like, are you fucking serious?

“She said she’s getting all sorts of shit from people that she’s got a banner.”

Askani was apparently told by Christian XXX that the banner looked like it was made on Sesame Street.

“So Phoenix Askani wants the banner down – these are things people pay money for,” Black continued.

“I’m completely confused. But when I get off the air I have to take the banner down.”

Which Black did and replaced it with one for Mackenzee Pierce who’s apparently a little more appreciative.

“As far as Gracie Glam, me and Gracie Glam have not talked at all,” Black continued.

“Phoenix, let me smarten you, and all of you up- right now you got two websites that everybody goes to get real information and news. It’s the battle of Adult FYI and Mike South. AVN and XBiz are press release sites. Our site and South’s site- people go to them to see what’s going on in the business.

“My radio show is 5 hours a day, and I spout opinions. What happens is everybody in the entire business- not counting the outside – go to AdultFYI to get a recap of what I said.”

Black went on to explain that the sole job of a porn talent agent is to get their client’s name out there. However it was OC Modeling that put the screws to Askani thus proving that they don’t work in the best interests of their client.

“People buy advertising and LATATA spends hundreds of dollars with Mike South- Phoenix Askani, the very agency that reps you is repped by Mike South and they pay for a banner on Mike South. On AdultFYI we’re giving it for free.

“You got to think about that when you’re listening to guys and girls telling you not to put your banner on that site [AdultFYI]. Unless you are controlled by a pimp, how would anybody want to turn down free advertising? It’s beyond mind blowing proportions.

“So what happens, Gene Ross puts these stories up throughout the day. People click from their computers on the site and read the stories. Then they go, oh my gosh, I’m going to have to come back later. Guess what girls? The entire business reads AdultFYI. You know it and I know it.

“You have everybody in the business going there not once, twice, but four, five, six times a day. As we put up more content including videos, producers are getting the message- hire Katie Summers, hire Lisa Ann.

“Guess what Phoenix Askani? It’s just like a diet coke ad, just like a stick of gum- the more it’s pushed in your face, when the time comes to use that product you use that product.

“If there’s somebody that needs a red headed porn star- they’ll likely say I’m going to get Phoenix Askani- that bitch is staring every day at me. And the cost to her was free of charge.

“Nobody’s lining up to be the graphic artist, Christian, you jerk off. Beat me up so I can sue you and get a hamburger.

“You’re going to critique shit that people do for free? Phoenix Askani got so much grief from OC Cash, OC Modeling, Sandy and the guy who got his head kicked in by Allie Haze’s husband. They called her and said have them take your banner down you’re with us.

“Are you people maddening? We’re putting up advertising for a poor girl’s twitter account and you’re going to deprive the girl of advertising? You do nothing for her and you want to take something for free away?

“How is that for an agent or for Christian who is working for OC Cash. Phoenix Askani- a redhead- we make a banner and put it on the website that is this monster on the block that everyone goes to 5, 6 times a day.

“Her agency that is supposed to be helping her, they’re demanding she has her banner pulled down. Do you understand the lunacy that is? You agents are not only fucking with the talents’ health but they’re openly fucking with your money.

“I’m going to take her banner down. The only thing this banner does is benefit this young girl. I said let’s show she’s somebody in this business and not a baby dog sitter. But her social clique, Christian and OC Modeling told her to pull that banner down.

“This is the first stone thrown in this war,” declared Black.

“LATATA pays for advertising. Companies pay for advertising. Kelly Madison who everybody’s worked for paid for advertising on this site.

“Phoenix Askani was given ads for free. The traffic right now is almost doubled [way more than that, actually]. Phoenix Askani was given something for free which in one hour will be taken down and removed forever. Another girl will be in that place. It’s comical that our industry holds down their own and holds down the weaker.

“The leaders of our business prey on the weak. Now you got Phoenix Askani bullied and badgered to take down a banner that benefits her. Wow. If tonight wasn’t the change in our business. Wow. When you start sacrificing your own- I don’t know what it is, man.

“Somebody is trying to give Phoenix Askani an opportunity. You guys don’t comprehend this you morons. Banners mean I will talk about those girls on the radio and Gene Ross will write about it on AdultFYI. Gee really?

“Are you people fucking dumb? I told you I don’t give a shit what company it benefits. I benefit the people. If Phoenix Askani wants to give her booking money to OC Modeling, she’ll know in her heart of hearts that we’re the ones promoting her and putting the money in her pocket. You people are fucking disgusting.

“Dumb-dumbs, you all need to smarten up. Do not let these sonsofbitches do this to you. You are being handed friendship. And for that I ask nothing in return but your friendship. My loyalties are to the American adult worker- that is my loyalty regardless of who it is.

“Mackenzee Pierce, she talked to Katie Summers. She looks at AdultFYI.

“I need you to smarten up,” Black concluded.

“Do not let these sonsofbitches do this to you. Do not let them hurt you because that’s what they’re doing to you. They’re depriving you of things people are giving you as a gift. Don’t let them get into you like this. You guys need to listen up. If you guys don’t have a problem with this you need to kill yourself. Don’t let them get away with this.”

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