Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Coffee: Rob Black Tells Alana Evans to Get Off Her Fat Ass and Go to the Gym

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Alana Evans went on Twitter the other day and complained that Rob Black singled her out among Manwin employees who will be fired by October. Black took the last segment of his afternoon show, Wednesday, ripping into Evans and calling her a slob MILF.

“That old crazy broad is she still around?” asked Black who said her comments made him laugh.

“This is someone who would privately and publicly call me names and talk so much stuff about me,” Black explained.

“But she’ll make sure she tells everybody she was a contract girl for me. She feels she was singled out because I brought up her name about working for Manwin. I know her husband is laughing his ass off – like why did you open your mouth. I take it easy on the old girls who are clinging to anything.

“The only reason I singled her out,” says Black, “is because I knew Alana Evans personally 15 years ago when we started Extreme and she had a contract for two months.

“When she was with us she was flat chested. I told her she needed to get breasts. Now you have a contract and a steady paycheck. You need to get breasts. Two months later she used that money to buy her suitcase husband a brand new car.

“I was completely disgusted that a girl plucked out of obscurity, that a girl gets a first shot with a top dog company- we paid the best, we paid the most money, we had it all- Alana Evans had a contract that housed Jasmine St. Clair, Tiffany Mynx, Ashlyn Gere, Stryc9, Jessica Darlin’, Iroc, Lizzy Borden and all of those girls were paid every week and every month.

“If Alana had breasts, she would have been there that whole time. Miss Evans got the deal because Tom Byron really liked her. But she lied to us and bought her suitcase pimp husband – that she regrets to this day of ever being with- and proceeded to buy a car and mother f’ed me to the entire business.

“Four years ago she finally got fake breasts- a little late, honey.

“The only reason I bring her up is because of all those radio hosts of Manwin’s, not Playboy, because all Playboy does is rent to Manwin. In October when the contract is up, Manwin is done and Alana Evans is done.

“You work for Manwin, not Playboy. You’re fired because you don’t work for Playboy. The only reason I mentioned Alana Evans and Chris Evans on my radio show was because Alana Evans was the only girl in the history of the business who snubbed her nose at a contract and was fired for saying what she said. Then she proceeded to shit on me where she tells Rob Black is on crack.

“Alana Evans 15 years ago was a spinner and now she’s a giant MILF. I was a fat, obese human being before I went to prison. I weighed almost 260 pounds. I’m now at a physical body weight a 40 year old man should be it; and Alane Evans because she was fired for not doing what she was supposed to do, tells people I’m on crack while she expands.

“I bring your name up, my dear, because I was so intricately involved with you and your husband Chris who worked for me before I went to prison. I know he likes to talk bad about me, but I think he was fully paid for all the work he did for me which went to buy all the food and groceries in your house.

“He was given the opportunity to shoot movies, edit and be given an identity [Chris Justice] more than a suitcase pimp for your old ass.

“Ginger Lynn works for Manwin. Christy Canyon works for Manwin. Missy Martinez works for Manwin. Destiny works for Manwin. Keiran Lee and Kristyn Price work for Manwin.

“Nyomi Banxxxx works for Manwin. Mean Bitches Glenn he works for Manwin. Sexpro Adventures I don’t know who they are, but they work for Manwin and they’re a scumbag. All of those people are going to get fired when Playboy terminates the contract.

“You’re not on the Playboy team, Alana. You’re with Manwin and Manwin leases time. You do not work for Playboy, dummy. I know your entire life was trying to be a big star and be accepted.

“You do not work for Night Calls. After Manwin fires you, you’re going to get on Blog Talk Radio have a show and nobody’s going to listen to you.

“Once that’s over, there’s nothing left for you. No one’s shooting you, and on the list of girls you’re not on it. There’s a whole bunch of MILFs that are better, newer and fresher. Whatcha going to do when reality and old age runs wild on you?

“Alana Evans, are we good now? I haven’t singled you out. All these people are getting fired. You haven’t heard me talk about Stoya or others who have been associated with Manwin, but you need to get educated.

“I know your theories on privates and disease. It’s unbelievable your mouth is so silent on this condom debate. You even marched around for no condoms in the business. Really? You’re getting a little attention on Twitter and people think you’re relevant.

“My only regret is that I never got to ejaculate in your mouth. I never had you perform an oral favor upon me. I didn’t want to do it then because I didn’t like you then. I thought you looked like somebody with Down Syndrome. That woman you talked shit about- Lizzy Borden- she liked you, and that’s why you did anything remotely with that company. That’s my one regret.

“I probably would have had to get a Cavercjet shot or something. Alana Evans I gave you some relevance today, enjoy it. Twitter all you want.

“Alana Evans, you were a non factor to me 15 years ago, and when your husband worked for me I liked the kid and, still, to this day, you blamed me for your life that you could have been a star. You talk so much smack about me until this day. You want to blame your miserable existence on me.

“Get off your fat ass, go to the gym and see where the business is going. Maybe you could actually stand for something. You want to be relevant instead of acting like an idiot?

“Stand up and fight for the other girls in the business instead of acting like an idiot. You talk about beating people up at award shows then never show up. Show people you’re not all talk and have some balls instead of hiding behind Twitter. Take an examination of your life. Figure out that once Manwin is over, you’re done getting your $200 a week and escorting is the only way to pay the bills.

“Re-examine your life and maybe then you will decide I’ve never been the enemy. I put this girl in showcase scenes.

“I had Alana Evans and Lizzy Borden peg a guy who was depicted as a Nazi captive and Lizzy and Alana fucked this guy with a dildo, pulled it out of his ass and it had poop on it. Lizzy jammed it into this guy’s mouth and he ate his own poop.

“As much as I despise this little shit her only requirement was to get breasts with money I was paying her. She’s on the cover of S.Y.D.S. where Alana has two scenes in the movie. There’s a girl who still to this day insults me and talks smack about me and tells people not to deal with me. She purposely goes out of her way to hurt me because I fired her for failing to keep her end of a bargain.

“Smartass, you got shown the fucking door. Your career was derailed because you did not go to the University of Shut The Fuck Up. That is where you need to go. You needed to go there 15 years ago and didn’t go. You need to go because that is an accredited course and you need a Masters degree in shutting the fuck up.”

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