Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Coffee: Rob Black’s Eye in the Sky

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Say what you will about Rob Black. He watches, listens and learns.

I saw the one time he got played. Never again. Black was just starting up Extreme Associates and Luke Ford, the old gossip monger, was all over him. There wasn’t a meeting Black had, a confidential statement he didn’t make to his employees that didn’t wind up on Ford’s website.

It was going on for weeks and it was driving Black bonkers trying to figure out what was going on. Black was looking for wiretaps, anything plausible to explain how Ford was getting the information he was getting.

In a version of Occam’s Razor, I told Black that sometimes the simplest answer is the only answer. Sure enough, Rob found a rat in his midst. It was his office girl. If memory serves me correctly Black hired her away from Zane Entertainment for future draft considerations, and she was the one going directly to Ford. Which proved then, as it’s true now- you can’t trust anyone in this business.

From that episode Black learned to keep his ear to the ground. He had stoolies and informants on the payroll to give him information about his competitors. Even now when you hear his broadcasts you often wonder how Black knows what he knows.

Did he have the inside skinny on Alex Gonz? Absolutely. And Black knows way more than he’s saying. At least for now.

Did he rat out Porno Dan? Probably not, but Black knows who the rat is. In fact I know who Dan’s rat is because I got information the other night telling me exactly who the rat is.

So it comes as no surprise that Black has pipelines into the operations of porn agents that would surprise you.

Some of the information he got formed the gist of comments he made Thursday night. Black’s aware that Chris from Foxxx Modeling had been talking shit about him. Gee, what a surprise.

[More specifically, the comment was made that Black was on crack and Katie Summers was on meth.]

So when you heard Black making veiled references to some old porn hag from the Foxxx Model House you can put two and two together.

As a worldly guy, I’m even surprised when Black is surprised by what he learns. Thursday night he did a bit about maturity and lack of it in the industry.

If there’s one issue that Black, myself and Bill Margold stand firmly on, it’s that there should be strict age requirements placed on porn performers coming into the business.

Margold wants it to be 21, but that’s even too young considering the level of stupidity and common sense in this business.

Black observed that maturity, focus and a sense of direction are severely lacking among today’s performers. Duh.

“I’ve been challenging this generation, and all I get is a fuck you,” Black conceded.

“There’s no hope for anyone of this generation in this business- the porn actors. I thought they were young and had minds. They’re wasted shit.

“The UAWA is going to have to be created and then separate the garbage and retards into one section- those full of hepatitis, HIV and syphilis. Then we’ll have another section- regulated, protected and healthy. Then you guys can do your Jim Camp movies and Jim Lane 300 man gangbangs and have cattle prod you. Then you can be a star that only Mark Spiegler can make. Then you can go to Victor and have him beat the shit out of you.”

“You got Lisa Ann, and then you got an eight year veteran that lives in a Foxxx Modeling house,” he continued. [Remember what I said earlier.]

“That is our future. Doing Jim Camp scenes for Foxxx Modeling. Going to Porn Star Karaoke blowing guys in the parking lot and hanging out with winners. If I wasn’t a quitter, I would quit. Today’s one of those days where you go amazing.

“You think you know people, and they lie to you. You think the youth of America are the future. They’re not. When they’re 40 years old they’ll be fat ass fucking Jerry Springer mother fucking killers. You don’t have a future for America. If you did, this business wouldn’t be where it is. ‘Oh I’m not supposed to do THAT!!’

“John Stagliano is a example of 50 year old man [62, actually] who was once the youth of the business- the age of someone I’m trying to get a message to — the youth of America- youth of shit. Only on the Truman Show could I be around so many retarded people making money. I thought I was doing the right thing trying to help everybody, and the youth of America don’t give a fuck.

“It’s like a nuclear bomb needs to go off in this business,” said Black.

“I need to count to ten and jet out of here. It’s fucking amazing. A freight train is coming. Either get out of the way or climb aboard and get ready for the ride. It’s time to smarten the fuck up. This ain’t a child’s game.

“This is adult shit. This is the real deal. This business has no place for kids. Don’t even think like a fucking kid. I’ll tell you this. The time is now for everybody to grow up quick. The freight train’s coming and you better be able to run fucking fast.

“There’s a lot of changes coming. It’s an amazing time. It’s time to grow the fuck up. It’s time we put what we did before in the past. It’s time to say I will be an adult. Only a child demands the things that these actors and actresses demand- you need to not let a pimp or anybody control your body. Don’t let another man try to control your body. Time to grow up. Time to act like adults. We’re playing with big boy games and playing with big boy players. You’ve been acting and been treated like children. Enough is enough. It’s time to grow up.”

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