Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Coffee: The BS Behind the Sarah Shevon Story

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With glasses on she looks smart, but Sarah Shevon must feel like a complete imbecile. She tells the LA Times that she got paid $300 to dress like a school girl and do a sex video with Richard Nanula. Shevon is repped by the great porn agent Mark Spiegler.

Meanwhile, Samantha Saint got booked to do a scene with Nanula and got paid $1200. Saint was repped by ATMLA which was run at the time by Shy Love.

Kayden Kross in a blog advises girls that if you’re going to go with an agent [and she advises you not to] it might as well be Spiegler.

I dunno, $300 doesn’t sound so great to me. I guess the real money is when Spiegler books you a ‘private’ with Victor for $2000, black eyes optional.

On the face of it, The LA Times’ Dan Miller [not to be confused with XBiz Dan Miller] did a crappy job delving into this whole Richard Nanula scandal from the perspective of porn’s involvement.

Had Miller actually done his homework, had Miller actually read the interview Mark Spiegler did with AVN’s Peter Warren, we would have had a much different outcome than Miller taking everyone’s word at face value.

The most glaring omission of Miller’s article? Spiegler telling him that when he had a “sit down” with Richard Nanula at Cafe Habana in Malibu, June 2012, Spiegler asked to review the Nanula’s medical tests to confirm that he had no sexually transmitted diseases.

Spiegler was surprised to see that the results came from a private physician and not one of several San Fernando Valley clinics typically used by porn actors.

According to Miller’s account, Spiegler subsequently canceled the shoots. “He didn’t seem like a professional porn person,” Spiegler said.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Shevon tells us she worked with Nanula the month before and everything was honky-dory then. Didn’t Spiegler ask to see a test result for that one and wouldn’t he have come to the same conclusion?

Here’s something else puzzling. Shevon says she was asked another time to so an oral sex scene for $1500, same address, but declined because it was an act of prostitution.

Then she accepts a menial gig at the same address that paid $300, one that stipulated she dress as a schoolgirl, and there’s a guy she never met, with a tripod. That was okay. That wasn’t prostitution.

But, and a big BUT, Spiegler in an interview with AVN allowed Penny Pax to shoot a scene in October 2012. [What about the concern over a test?]

Pax wound up going to Nanula’s house where the whole tripod issue becomes the focus of the AVN story and Pax’s unease about being there.

Shevon talked about a Mr. Rich and a tripod to the LA Times so I’m wondering if stories weren’t changed or “blended” for the LA Times’ benefit to make Spiegler look good.

That AVN account with Penny Pax raises all kinds of interesting questions. And Pax’s name isn’t even brought up in the LA Times article.

I know Miller had my contact number, and I never heard from him. Still, all he had to do was look at the transcript of Spiegler’s interview with AVN to know there would be a million questions that never got asked.

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