Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Coffee: The Only Conclusion: Derek Hay’s in the Middle of a Huge Cover-up

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Lisa Ann learned that one of Derek Hay’s boys has Hep C. No one else knew about it. No one else was told about it. No one announced it. Lisa Ann discovered it, and just for shits and giggles took a booking with the talent just to prove the point she was correct.

She went on Twitter and this is part of what she says: “I took the shoot and requested his test. After getting a copy of his test, I took that information and called the testing Center and got 2 Verbal Confirmations he can NOT work.”

Did Derek Hay, via LATATA, make an announcement to the business like he did last week with Clover? Of course not. Did Mike South? Only upon the fact of discovery by Lisa Ann.

Because it’s one of his boys, you got to wonder. The fact that Clover worked for Type 9 Modeling makes me suspect that Derek has heat with Kevin O’Neal and put both of those guys on blast for whatever reasons. But when the dog shit is in his own house, Hay remains remarkably silent, and it takes Lisa Ann who has no love lost for him, to make the announcement.

Derek is caught with the proverbial smoking gun and what do you have Mike South saying?

“I expect this to be handled as well By L.A. Direct as the last one was (Thats very well for the record) and theres lots more coming on that one but this one isnt related at all.”

Handled well? Derek covered this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And South who’s in bed with him is wiping the finger prints off the gun as we speak.

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