Thoughts Over the Morning’s Second Coffee: Wicked Walks for AIDS But No Mention of Donating to Cameron Bay and Others

Rob Black makes a very good point when he says Wicked Pictures, a condom company, fails to address the use of condoms in porn and fails to address the prevalence of HIV and STDs.

But then we have Samantha Saint, Asa Akira, Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake taking part in the 29th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles, October 13 in West Hollywood, California.

I don’t get it. It’s like the United States having all this poverty at home but dishing out foreign aid like it’s going out of style.

Jessica Drake has been in this event the past four years, and Team Wicked hopes to raise more than $20,000. The industry is being asked to donate to this cause.

I’m a great believer in the charity begins at home theory, so why isn’t the industry and Wicked raising money to help the people in its own industry.

“I am very excited to be participating with Team Wicked at this year’s AIDS Walk Los Angeles,” said Samantha Saint. “I’m happy to be supporting such a worthy cause.”

Richard Nanula was a worthy cause, so why isn’t Cameron Bay?

“I’m really proud to be a part of Team Wicked at AIDS Walk LA this year. In light of everything that’s been going these past weeks, it was an easy decision to make,” stated Asa Akira.

“When Jessica Drake approached me to join, I had little knowledge of the organization itself. After doing some research, I quickly realized this was something I wanted to do. I look forward to being a part of something bigger than myself, and hopefully making a change.”

Make a change in your own business. You even talk about the events of the past weeks, has the obvious slipped you by?

And get this, Drake, Saint, Akira, and Armstrong are going to be joined by Kaylani Lei, Dana DeArmond, Steven St. Croix, Brandy Aniston and Kylie Ireland.

Gee. Didn’t Ireland just cross the picket line as a scab by working during a porn moratorium?

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