Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: A Mike South Reader Says: “I Wrote His Articles on AB 332”

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Can that headline possibly be true?

I notice that a reader for Mike South disputes what I had to say about Alexa rankings which is funny because I didn’t try to explain Alexa other than the fact that this seems to be the only barometer you can go by when assessing the popularity of your site.

What that reader didn’t say is that I offered the US rankings. I didn’t go into world popularity because, well, if I’m popular in Benghazi I will accept that with all the graciousness of an XRCO Hall of Fame award which I doubt is coming because Dirty Bob has his orders from above.

I was getting more to the point about how someone, who really posts nothing relevant, can maintain such a high ranking. If I can do a Top 10 Mr. Marcus list and leave it up for four days as my lead, or post a picture of myself in a negro T-shirt and get away with it, I’d love to. I’m retired and, frankly I’d like to spend more of my time that way.

But getting back to that headline. There’s more to the story. A reader sent me an email stating he was the one who’s been writing South’s AB 332 stories. Now, if I could get somebody to ghost my site for me like that, I could really enjoy my time by the pool.


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