Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: Compare The Jack Spade Love Notes

Philosopher, poet, suspected pimp and a man always in love, Jack Spade in February, 2006 made this statement: Aria [pictured] was in fact one of the best things to ever happen to me, she was my best friend and I will love her forever.

“She put up with a lot of crap from me, and I don’t blame her for leaving. I am glad to say we have worked on being friends again, and who knows possibly one day more. We are still married but only on paper, I talk to her often and there is still a great deal of love between us.”

Jack Spade in 2013 says: “She [Bonnie Rotten] is an amazing young woman who has nothing but pure goodness in her heart and brought a great deal of happiness to my life and the lives of everyone that knows her.

“To meet her is to be reminded of the good days when being in this biz was like being apart of a family that enjoyed the sexual freedom and love our industry allowed them to have and there was no hidden agenda.”

And let’s not forget Jenny Hendrix when the poet laureate of porn gave Hendrix a right cross instead of a Valentine’s card:

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