Thoughts Over the Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: Diane Duke is Such a Phony

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In an interview he did with Kevin and Bean this week, James Deen addressed the blather Farrah Abraham’s been putting out there, that he knocked her up in her sex tape.

Forget the fact that it was an anal scene. The only pregnancy Abraham fears to have is if she gave birth to a shit head.

Years ago, another girl was in the business for a brief time. Her name was Devon Deray. Deray told a story in Seymore Butt’s Devon Does Buttsville about her lingering affair with a pro basketball legend. It wasn’t Michael Jordan. It was Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

The only reason I mention that, other than for the salacious value, is that Deray went on to accuse porn performer Michael J. Cox of having impregnated her. Never mind that theirs was an anal scene. Just like the one Deen and Farrah Abraham had.

You’d think that Diane Duke would be jumping into this argument. After all, Duke was an executive with Planned Parenthood which basically makes her a glorified condom salesman.

And this has been my problem with Duke all along. She gets paid $150,000 a year from Free Speech with no qualifications whatsoever to run such an organization because – she’s basically a condom salesman. Let me say that again, Diane Duke’s a condom salesman.

But here you have all these porn performers, like obedient little children, lining up behind Duke contesting the condom ordinance, Measure B. Did any of these people stop and say to themselves, Diane’s a condom salesman. What is she doing on the other side of this issue?

That answer is pretty obvious. Duke can be bought. Manwin buys her. People who think they’re paying for PSA’s buy her. XBiz and AVN support her, but in the end, Diane Duke in reality is a condom salesman. That’s what she is.

If that’s the qualifications needed for running Free Speech then Chad Braverman of Doc Johnson or Susan Colvin should be running the show, not Duke. At least they’re honest about how they make a living. Which leads to another puzzling question. How could Braverman and Colvin line up behind Duke when she’s so diametrically opposed to the products they sell? At least now she is.

Ah, but Duke will tell you the industry has good testing so you don’t need condoms. Except Rob Black already told us about the crossover guys in porn. “Fanooks” I think he calls them.

Tessa Lane admits she bangs guys on the way home from Sardo’s. I think those are called whores, and Alex Chance worked for an escort company. I think those are called hookers.

Gotta love that testing.

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