Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: Duke Statement Reveals More Lies

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You do realize that Diane Duke and Christian Mann have built one preposterous lie on top of another until the whole house of lies stands to crush the Free Speech Coalition.

This is getting more and more like Nixon and Watergate where Nixon was so trapped in his own duplicity he had reached the lie limit and his presidency was eventually shut off like the electricity when you don’t pay the power company.

Duke also reached the nadir of lying with a statement she put out Monday night. Not only did Duke contradict her own comments from last week when she said HIV performer No. 3 was outside the business, she also disavowed AHF’s contention that there’s a fourth performer with HIV.

“Our business has no idea what’s going on,” Rob Black was saying Monday night.

“We are at a standstill and at the mercy of whatever we want to be told. Then everyone goes on with their happy, go lucky lives. This is a Mexican stand off because what I’m hearing Christian Mann, Diane Duke, PASS, Free Speech Coalition they say that the Aids Healthcare Foundation are liars.

“We are playing a Mexican standoff game.”

Black then read the letter Diane Duke put out Monday evening.

“Now we’re being told that the third performer that has HIV all of the first generations partners have been identified and tested. Remember they first told us this third performer was somebody who was not part of the system. [Black also revealed that Cameron Bay’s back tooth cut Xander Corvus’ penis.]

“So, PASS, what they’re saying is that all the performers out there have been fooling themselves that the only reason we have HIV is that Rod Daily infected everybody.

“What Diane Duke is saying is this new case [performer #3] is a new case. It’s a new outbreak. This girl didn’t work with them? Oh Christ. There’s somebody else with HIV who’s giving it to people. Can you believe what Free Speech and Christian Mann are saying?

“’This third person we’re going to give you the information very soon. I know last week we told you they didn’t work with anybody, but when we all traced the genealogy it was, oh fuck. Oh poopie pants.’

“Right now they’re saying this third girl didn’t work with the two people everybody are saying she worked with,” noted Black.

“So now we have a totally different case. Christian Mann and John Stagliano, Marci Hirsch, how is this good? I’m not real sure. Every performer Katie Summers had talked to and all the information she got is that Rod Daily’s gay and that’s it. I think this throws everybody’s theory in the water.

“If it’s not the queer crossover guy and the bloody whore from Arizona now who is it [that gave performer #3 HIV]? Now we got a new case and where did that come from?

“And don’t forget the fourth performer because he’s a ghost. Diane Duke and Christian Mann are rolling dice to say that AHF has some fictional person. Wow.

“This is what Diane Duke, Christian Mann, Marci Hirsch, Peter Acworth this is their idea- lift the ban for Vivid to work; bring back the ban and then they’ll tell us performer #3 is not connected with Cameron or Rod which makes everybody feel good. Their biggest worry was oh you lifted the moratorium for Vivid but another performer getting HIV that would bother them.

“How do these people conduct their lives? How does Christian Mann sit in his house and not watch this show and poop himself. How is this not happening? How does this guy seem so loose- ‘I don’t listen to anybody- I’m in my own dimension where these happy faces and daisies are.’

“Maybe all that radiation created a fantasy land that is in his head. Maybe this guy’s like Raven Alexis and faked his cancer treatment to get sympathy so nobody shits on him when all this was revealed. Maybe him and Hirsch are doing rails on the crazy train. That is what’s going on. I know you’ll say I’m exaggerating.

“These people are intertwined with a diabolical scheme and they walk around like it’s nothing,” Black continued.

“The 4th person, they say AHF made him up. He’s an illusion, a mirage and the third performer has no ties to Rod or Cameron. She’s absolutely a new case of HIV. I don’t know what to tell you. There are companies shooting and Porno Dan is scheduled to shoot this week from what I’m told. And this is where we are?

“This is basically the beginning of the end of the structure and foundation that we have. We will never be the same and all we’re doing now is prolonging the death of this business and putting it on display and letting the entire world see what kind of people have been running this business.

“When you have Steve Hirsch flat out lying because he’s a scumbag that’s inside our world. This is such a flagrant fuck you and pissing all over the business and what we stand for. [Hirsch told CNBC Vivid was taking a wait and see and wasn’t shooting until October]

“When a man lies like that to a news outlet, when it’s painfully easy to fact check, you have to go one of the leaders of the adult industry is flat out lying while his crew is shooting.

“You get a sense of surrealness where this can’t be happening. To me that fourth person- we’re never going to get information until it comes out from AHF.

“Diane Duke and Christian Mann are going to say this is a figment of the imagination. I think AHF will reveal this person, but I’m concerned about this new girl [performer #3] because it’s in our midst.

“This girl is a part of our system and worked with other people and had to have other people quarantined- she’s somebody that FSC manipulated and played with so Vivid could shoot in Las Vegas. ‘That we can control. This fourth person we can’t.’

“Diane Duke says this person doesn’t exist and AHF is telling all the media outlets this fourth person does. Call Christian Mann ask him what’s going on. Everyone of you talent have worked for the great John Stagliano- pick up that phone- the talent that worked with Kevin Moore during the moratorium ask Christian Mann.

“Ask who is the third performer that is not connected to Cameron or Rod and makes it another case. We have a third case and what birdie out of the sky dropped it on this girl? “We have a third performer and Christian Mann is not telling you what’s going on. We know nothing. We don’t know why the moratorium was lifted and put back.

“Call Christian Mann and demand answers. He’s the leader. Him and John Stagliano are the leaders. Why do they not lead and lead us with a bunch of answers to a whole bunch of questions. Can some of you please, I beg you, pick up your wonderful phones and give ol’ Christian Mann a call.

“Say ‘Christian Mann, is there any way you can give us some answers as the VP of Free Speech and PASS. Can you help us with that? Can you possibly call Christian Mann up and see if he can give you any answers. I bet you he won’t. Call good ol Marci up. I bet she won’t give you any answers. All you marks, call Karen Stagliano. I bet she won’t give answers. I guess my questions are too scary. I’m too scary of a man.

“Call good ol’ Johnny Stags. Call him up and see if anybody will give you answers. I don’t think you’re ever going to get any answers because they have none. They are on borrowed time and when they are arrested and a RICO indictment is brought against them they’ll be carted away. These are amazing press releases and thought processes. This is just another random little birdie from the sky.”

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