Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: Marc Wallice Summer Class Now in Session

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Suppose just suppose that Marc Wallice decided to do a series similar to Buttman’s Stretch Class. You could call it the Marc Wallice Summmer Sessions. The only requirement or stipulation is that you’d have to flunk out of porn and take these as remedial courses.

However, if Wallice decided to do that, can you imagine the hue & cry from this industry? But stop for a moment. No doubt few of the current performers know who Marc Wallice is, and if he sprang for lunch and had a flunky convince enough girls that he was a powerful man in the industry, no doubt they would probably work for him. [Wasn’t that the Stagliano scenario?]

Except Wallice has HIV and so does John Stagliano. So why shouldn’t Marc Wallice be allowed to carry on in the same grand tradition as “Stags”? Live and let live, I say.

Supporting that argument for a Wallice resurrection, the “Stags” people have told TMZ that working with Buttboy is tantamount to a cordial handshake. So if Wallice kept his “sexual” activity to fingering butts and, on occasion slipping it in the ass of a Brazilian performer who speaks no English, I’m sure the liberal adult industry media could find it in them to give Wallice a pass.

And before you argue, oh but Wallice infected porn girls, ask yourself this- how many civilian women do you think Stagliano might have fooled around with since 1997. I know there have been strippers, but who else?

You’re going to tell me Johnny Boy’s a boy scout? That scene with Monica Santhiago already answers that question.

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