Thoughts Over the Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: Mr. Marcus Says Carmex Makes Your Penis Look Better

There you have it- an endorsement from none other than Mr. Marcus: Carmex [for cold sores] makes your penis look better.

Marcus is unbelievable. He’s still fudging and refusing to accept the fact that he worked with syphilis and knew about that. Then, again, if he admits that, it junks his whole defense in the Lylith Lavey lawsuit.

Marcus in his latest interview tells “I did not go out there and try to f**king intentionally get anybody infected. From my heart man, up to God, I thought it was something that was just a skin rash.

“I went out and bought some damn Carmex lotion (it’s an everyday hydrating lotion), I put it on [my penis] and I thought it made it look better. That coupled with things going on with my hands, little brown spots or whatever, I looked things up on the internet and I’m telling you, only thing that came up was a vitamin deficiency and that I need more vitamins. I went out and bought vitamins and Carmex.”

Martin Cutler, as Marcus’ attorney, didn’t you advise your client to shut the fuck up? Every time he opens his yap he’s burying his case. Since Carmex is for cold sores, Marcus would have had to at least expected that’s what those funny things were on his penis. Then it makes him just as culpable, because at the very least he stands to transmit herpes to his working partner.

As Rob Black says, this guy is a total moron.

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