Thoughts Over the Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: Rob Black Reveals the End Game

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In chess if you don’t have a strong end game, you might not as well have come to the board.

Rob Black discussed his strategies and end game for the adult business on his Monday show, Much of what Black talked about was discussed at our “power” lunch Sunday, if roast beef sandwiches at Arby’s can be considered a power lunch.

“Me and Gene Ross we talked, and Gene told me he’s been getting emails from concerned citizens from the porn community telling him to be careful about being mixed up with Rob Black,” he revealed.

“Because I’m pure evil and that I have sinister ideas and am profiting from all the havoc and lawsuits that are coming, and that I’m getting pieces of all the lawsuits.”

“What’s funny about this is, this is the fifth or sixth person that are supposed to be well versed people in the business telling Gene you got to be careful of Rob Black- you don’t know him.

“When people in the business think they’re so connected and juiced in and that they know all the right people, these assholes have no concept that I’ve known Gene Ross since 1996. Like the keyboard warriors saying on Mike South, all Gene Ross does is Rob Black speeches on his website- what’s with that?

“Just shows you nobody anywhere goes, guys, all you people who think you’re in the know, I’ll give you in the know answers.

“Gene Ross was the head muckety muck at AVN when AVN actually meant something. He sat in this area of an atrium that was a forest. He was a guy who held court at all the parties. All the young girls who suck on Steve Javors, all those people were all wrapped into Gene Ross.

“Paul Fishbein was the money, but Gene Ross ran the editorials. He was the leader and one of the influential guys. That being said, Gene Ross has known about the Zacari family since the Eighties. He knew Dominic Zacari and Chuck Zacari, my uncle.

“I met Gene Ross like all you people who now hang out with Stevie J. If you were cool enough you could go with Fishbein to the movies or dinner; at the end of the day, Gene and them would still shit on you just to prove a point.

“I got plenty of shitty ass reviews,” Black laughed.

“Trust me. I would call, ‘I’m you’re friend, and you gave me a shitty movie.’ Exactly, dude, don’t be an asshole. It was a shitty movie. It was like, fuck you Rob, don’t be a jerkoff because we all hang out. I put pressure with the promotions stuff- give me a better place here- that was the fun we used to have back then. Gene Ross can tell you stories about the fights when we took home awards in 1997.

“Then around 2000, Gene Ross came to work for Extreme Associates and Rob Black. He was with us almost 4 years so when you retards write Gene Ross and tell him to be careful of Rob Black, Gene Ross knows Rob Black, and Gene Ross knows the evil.

“You guys are talking to a 60-something man who has worked for two of the biggest enigmas in the business, and you’re going to warn him like he just showed up in the business like Steve Javors? He’s been in the adult business almost as long as I’m alive. This is a guy who sat in on war meetings and listened to Rob Black strategy sessions.

“He’s heard Rob Black plan a scenario that could take a year to unfold but benefited all of the people in the Extreme Associates army. Gene Ross was there from Day One. So when you people cozy up to assholes like Steve Javors and Peter Warren you look real stupid.

“That’s why this business is where it is, because you have people in less than five years that think they know everybody and how things work and then they log jam a big blob of shit.

“When people are uninformed they destroy this business. You have a bunch of jerkoffs running around telling others to be aware of me – it’s like a John Grisham novel.

“None of you people will give me a fragment of credit that from the day I started this show to today, I have systematically in less than three months have started to change the culture and fabric of this business.

“Give me at least the credit. It wasn’t until Robert Black Zicari came on a little radio show and captivated this industry where performers, writers are all starting to speak out because they know Rob Black ain’t going to let this shit happen.

“If I told you what my game plan was you wouldn’t believe me,” Black continued.

“Here it is. I’m going to tell you- and it’s funny when in the news they go back to tapes and go can you believe that person told us but nobody believed? Like a prophet. The prophet Zicari. If I sat here and told you my grand plan you’re never going to believe me.

“They will never believe what the end game is. What is the dastardly plan? I said to Gene if I told them, they would never believe.

“Let’s just talk about the Rob Black dastardly plan- in the next year and a half, the agents will be gone; testing clinics will be gone; the Free Speech Coalition will be gone and about 80% of the studios will be gone.

“What you will have left will be a business of ashes from which the great leader Rob Black will be involved with a new clinic, a new organization that governs the talent; health care providers will be in place with government assistance.

“We’re talking about things that will shake up this industry, that will put it on a road to repair, a road to acceptability and profitability and jobs for the people in this business. That’s the game plan. I’m involved with every aspect of that process.”

In the final analysis Black started sounding like that famous Henry Fonda “I’ll be there” speech from Grapes of Wrath.

“What does that mean?” asked Black.

“The only vision and the only model this business is going to be formatted with will be what I say and that’s how we’re going to set it up. Someone needs to take charge and step up. What I say goes and that’s how we’re going to set it up. Someone needs to take charge.

“Ultimately when you go into a clinic to get your medicine, I will be the one who was part of setting that up; when you go get state issued IDs so you can perform in adult films, I will be the one to have helped set that up. I’ll be the one to set up a one-agent organization; the new organization replacing Free Speech Coalition will represent people in a dignified way- I’ll be the one to have set that up.

“When you work for a company you will know that your hard work will be rewarded. I’ll be the one that will have helped set that up. Ultimately what is the end game? You guys tell me what the end game is.

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