Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: Stretch Class Foot Sucking Is More Dangerous Than You Think

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Julie Meadows has it all wrong about haz mat suits. If AB 332 goes into effect, there will be provisions for a plexiglass safety guard protecting a female performer’s genitalia. And, according to what I’m reading in the LA Times this morning, foot sucking and foot fetish may have to be regulated as well. Which would rule out John Stagliano jamming a woman’s foot into his mouth in his Stretch Class series.

Rob Black, warned that such practice is inherently dangerous especially if one of the performers- like Stagliano- is HIV positive. Dr. Black seems to have some backing on his contentions.

According to the Times piece by Deborah Netburn, the feet are a Motel 6 for all sorts of fungus. At least 80 types, says Netburn reside on a typical person’s heel, along with 60 between the toes and 40 on the toenail.

“Altogether, the feet are home to more than 100 types of fungus, more than any other area of the human body, according to a study published Wednesday by the journal Nature.”

Now, you can argue, as this piece does, that many forms of foot fungi are beneficial in the maintaining of good heath, but nowhere does it say what a mix of those bacteria and HIV would produce. One can only imagine.

Results of one study revealed that an individual’s fungal biome looks very different from place to place. The forearms had between 18 and 23 types of fungi; sites like the forehead and chest had between two and 10.

But the feet stood out, with the most variety from heel to toe. Among the denizens were Saccharomyces, the kind of yeast that ferments bread and beer; Penicillium, which is used to make penicillin; and Malassezia, which can cause dandruff.

Elizabeth Grice, an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania, said researchers are just beginning to get their feet wet when it comes to understanding the fungus among us.

I don’t know about you, but that part about foot fungus capable of making beer is pretty intriguing, what with the price of Pabst Blue Ribbon going up.


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